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I have a half of banana size lump on my inner thigh about 4' above my knee, what is that

Posted by Rod

This lump swells depending on my activity, it sometime sting like its a pull muscle or something.  Its not easy to move around its somewhat tight, its start from the middle thigh and extend from there to the to of my thigh on my right leg.  When it swell it cause my leg to ache a little and the lump gets warm, the pain level 1 to 10 (5).  I'm about 320 pounds and I weight train and do cardio, it doesn't bother me while working out, just every other 2 to 3 days.  I also notice that leg has more broken veins that the other.  Again its on my right leg, just need an idea on the seriousness of the matter. I'm currently laid off with no health benefit's, any advice would help..
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I am having the same problems but doctors haven't found out what it is .Have you found anything out?
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