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I have a burning sensation while passing stools which last for few hours. what is the cause

Posted by ranga

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Hemorrhoids & anal fissures are associated w/temporary discomfort, especially w/passage of stool.  The former represents a weakening of the supportive tissues around blood vessels such that regularly bearing down for a hard, constipated bowel movement causes the vein to pouch out from increased pressure.  Once outside their normal area/anatomy, these hemorrhoids can itch & burn from irritation and may bleed as well.  Both external & internal hemorrhoids are possible depending upon from where they developed.  The former can become exquisitely painful if a blood clot develops inside.


Anal fissures represent a tearing of the skin from stretching of the anus to accomodate the passing of large hard stool.  They're often difficult to heal since the anus is stretched again w/passage of another hard stool before the tear can heal.  From this description, one might think the solution is to avoid having a bowel movement but that couldn't be further from the truth.  In fact, the solution is the opposite - have frequent SOFT stools.  That way one doesn't have to strain (leading to hemorrhoids) and stretch/tear the anus.  


Thus the ultimate solution to both these issues is a high fiber diet, plenty of fluids, and regular exercise.  The best part of doing this is that you will also minimize your risk for diverticulosis (similar to hemorrhoids except that it's the colon wall that gets weak and pooches out) as well as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, etc.  


Of course, that presumes that my wild guess is correct.   Therefore, if your pain continues or worsens, you need to go see your family physician for a complete evaluation.  As a quick (unrelated?) aside, while most overweight or obese people can stand to lose a few pounds, physicians worry about unintended weight loss.  We also worry about blood in stool and unexplained fevers.  So anyone who has one or more of these red flag symptoms in addition to burning sensation while passing stools shouldn't wait to see if the burning will go away but rather should go directly to see their family physician immediately.  Good luck!

Dear Dr.Alvin,

Thanks for your reply and happy to get associated with you. As you guessed it right, I am suffering from this problem for the past three days, wherein  I felt extremely difficult to pass stool since there was burning sensation. Yesterday, i consulted the family physician(I stay in chennai,India) wherein she prescribed the following fibril(a box containing mixture of Ispagula husk,preservatives,methylparaben,propylparaben), anal cream(proctosedyl ointment)daflon 500 mg. My stool is bloodless and only while passing there is burning sensation which lasts for an hour. I am also applying Anovate for the past three days. Since I am afraid of surgeries, kindly suggest me the other alternative. Also I will be happy if you could provide me your mail id for us to chat. I am happy to be associated with you

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