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I have 2 lumps on upper arm they are soft and they are a little tender, they are about 2 inches above my elbow. I have had the o

Posted by brimiss21

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Lumps can mean different things.  It is always a good idea to get it checked out by a doctor.  I know my father had a lump on his right, upper arm that he pointed out to both his primary doctor and his oncologist (from when he had colon cancer 9 years prior to finding a lump on his arm).  They dismissed the lump to a lipoma (a fatter tumor) and told him not to worry about it.  After I insisted he get it checked out because it would periodically present with a bruise covering a large part of his right, upper arm, he returned to his primary doctor and insisted for some sort of testing to be done.  He had an ultrasound performed on the lump that came back inconclusive and was referred to a surgion.  To everyone's surprise, the lump came back cancerous and was determined to be a spindle cell sarcoma.  This is not a common cancer (so don't stress out!).  Just make sure that you check with a doctor to make sure that you have a correct diagnosis for the lumps you found.
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