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I got kicked in the calf rather hard over a week ago and now it is brusing and swelling randomly...

Posted by cjcrucke


I could barley walk the day after it happened, but have been able to limp around for just over a week. Yesterday (exactly 1 wk after) my leg was so swollen that I could not feel my shin bone - it was just mushy feeling. I left my mtg and put my leg up on my desk to help reduce the swelling. it did go away.

Last night, I slept with my foot elevated on a pillow. I can't turn at night. If i turn, i get a good 15 seconds worth of severe aching in my leg...

I woke up this morning and there was a lot of brusing around my ankle?! I still can barely walk and when I sit it feels like it is throbbing .

 I'm hoping to schedule an appt with a doctor today - but was hoping to hear of other people's thoughts.


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the same thing happen to me .. helP!!
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