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I get chest pain in both breast, like it the muscle. When I drink A cup of coffee with cafeine. Heart rate normal an Breathing

Posted by MHdecalguy

My doctors say there nothing wrong with my heart or stomach. I don't get any acid reflux. I can drink decaf all day. no problems. But if I drink reg, boom chest pain, feels like my miuscle pain and skin stings some times, and sharp pain in my chest muscles.'

I have been in five times last couple years before I figured it to be cafiene in coffee. They say my heart is great and blood presure is great. Some times like to today a drank some reg coffee without knowing and boom chest pain for two to three hours. Stretching seems to help. A doctor told me that if the chest pain lasted that long it wasn't my heart.

They look at my stomach and found nothing. I really don't get much acid relux, but I have been smoking for thirty years now. trying to quite. My Age is 45 and 5'9" 180 retired Milatary. No in bad shape. Just don't know why I get these pains when I dring reg coffee. Can You Help?

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