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i am wondering what therapies might be available to address the problem of undersize testicles.

Posted by Sammyo

I am 21 and seem to have rather small testicles. This has always been the case and i have some confidence issues associated to it. I was wondrign what treatments might be available to address this especially if it is related to a testosterone defficiency. Are the treatment effective and are they permanent or is it a case case of continually taking medications
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Firstly thanks for your reply.

Given my age and the fact that i do not use steriods and i am not on any medication is it likley that stress levels could cause certain nutritional deficiencies, which may be corrected via diet or supplementation (eg zinc and Vit B). Of course i will be seeing my GP as soon as my exam period is over at Uni. 

It makes sense to me that if the testosterone levels are low (ie the testes are not producing the amount they should) this could lead to "small" testes. If these levels were increased this may be accompanied by an increase in size also. Is this logical?

Thanks for your time.

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