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Hydrogen Peroxide Ears

Posted Jul 28 2010 5:09am


Recently, I read an article which spoke about the Brassica family consisting of turnips, kohlrabi, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage and good old broccoli. What it said was that three little compounds found in any vegetable of this family has immune boosting and anti-cancer properties.

Yes, of course. It's old news (thanks to the folks but until now everyone just knew that veggies were good for you. And why? Because Mom (or grandmom) said so.

And where did they get this information from?

Who knows? But as it turns out, according to the research by scientists, your mom, grandmom, aunt, (and wherever she got this nugget of information from) was apparently spot on! And we needed them to tell us that…

Speaking of wisdom emanating from home… er… also known as home remedies, there is a nice little remedy that one can use to remove earwax but first, let's look at what earwax is, before getting to the home remedy.

Ear Wax

It's that yellowish waxy substance that you can't wait to get rid of  (for the women) or can't be bother to remove for decades (for the men). Medically, it is called 'cerumen' and is the by-product of alcohols, cholesterol, squalene, long chain fatty acids and keratin (skin protein).

As delightful as this sounds, the thing is that the production of earwax is a result of the body's metabolic processes and which is responsible in ear canal protection, cleaning and lubrication.

So, for all of you who think that its yucky and all that, it actually has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties preventing ear infections and in its absence, one can have dry and itchy ears to deal with.

However, as with all things in excess, and even though earwax acts as the ear's natural defense system, too much of earwax prevents one from hearing too well. (Well, now you know why men don't listen!)

Removing Earwax

In this case where there is an excess accumulation of earwax, quite a few people are of the opinion that hydrogen peroxide is a good way to remove the earwax.

And here's how one can go about it (but do read the Precautions List if you're trying this immediately rather than going Oops!):

Materials Required: Hydrogen Peroxide (3 percent), cotton balls, eye dropper, olive or almond oil, a bulb aspirator (normally used for babies who haven't yet learned to pick their nose yet) and preferably a spotter (nurse, mom, sister, wife or girlfriend – OK, strike off the last one!)

Step One: Keep the hydrogen peroxide and the almond/ olive oil in a bowl of warm water so its temperatures increase as well, and which the dissolution of the earwax.

Step Two: Tilt your ear to add the heated oil and hydrogen peroxide with the ear that is to be treated facing the ceiling.

Step Three: Use the eye dropper to add 2-3 drops of oil. Wait for 2-3 minutes.

Step Four: Add 2-3 drops of warm hydrogen peroxide in the same manner.

Step Five: Stay in the same position until the hydrogen peroxide stops bubbling. You can place a towel on your shoulder to absorb any kind of spillage.

Step Six: In the instance of impacted earwax, one will have to repeat Step one to five repeatedly.

Step Seven: Now, comes the draining process. Fill the bulb aspirator with warm water and tilt your ear over the sink. Position the bulb aspirator at about 45 degrees to the ear and squirt water into the ear, which will remove and loosen any remaining earwax. Let it drain out after that… and you can do this 2-3 times.

And we're done!

Precautions in Removing Earwax

There are some folks who should not follow the aforementioned procedure such as those who:

a) suffer from ear pain

b) have hearing impairment

c) have sensitive skin.

And if you have ear blockage symptoms, consult a professional physician immediately before trying this procedure.

In Closing

So, girls, clean your man's ears… maybe that's the problem! It's probably that or as always it's just that he's just preoccupied with nothing!

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