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Hydrogen Peroxide Ears: And the evils of Rock n Roll…

Posted Jul 27 2011 8:59am

John Illsley's story is really unique. It is one of hearing loss due to rock music. Of course, you might ask how is this different from numerous counts of hearing damage that fans have complained about.

Well, he's the bassist of Dire Straits and he's had to play music for the past 20 to a crowd of not less that 50000 people almost every other day. (Read the entire story at this link .)

But do we stop listening to music that knows how to knock your socks off? Well, listen to progressive rock… which is made for those who can't accept anything less than the best in musicianship! But that's for another day…

And you can be sure that it will leave a lasting effect on your ears once you're done with your favorite record… which won't be too soon either.

And earwax is no different when it comes to causing ear loss…

What is Earwax?

When one speaks of ear wax, it's something that men can't be bothered to get rid (for years until something goes wrong!) while women obsess enough about it to get rid of it regularly, and which goes for the  man they love.

In medical terminology, it is called as cerumen and consists of by-products such as alcohols, cholesterol , keratin (skin protein), long chain fatty acids and squalene.

While this deposit that collects in your ears might seem disgusting, the truth is that it exists for definite reasons such as anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. You can look for the ear diagram if you want to understand how this deposit occurs.

Yet when too much of it is collected in one's ears since it is acts as a line of defense for the ears, it prevents him (not necessarily her!) from hearing well and in extreme cases, can lead to damage as well.

So, it becomes important for everyone to clean their ears regularly, and perhaps the simplest method by which this can be done is by using hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen Peroxide Ears Remedy for Removing Earwax

Before we talk about how one can use hydrogen peroxide ears  to remove earwax, there are certain precautions that must be kept in mind. Avoid using this method of cleaning earwax if you:

#1: are aurally impaired

#2: have ear ache or pain

#3: have sensitive skin

Most of all, if you have wax blockage symptoms, then you must contact a physician immediately. Here is an interesting article that gives you more information about wax blockage.

Now for the hydrogen peroxide remedy that is used to remove earwax…

Materials Required: Hydrogen Peroxide (3 percent), cotton balls, eye dropper, olive or almond oil, a bulb aspirator (which is used for babies) and a family member as an observer.

Step One: Keep the hydrogen peroxide and the almond/ olive oil in a bowl of warm water so their temperature increases as well, and which will aid in the dissolving of the earwax.

Step Two: Tilt your ear to add the heated oil and hydrogen peroxide with the ear that is to be treated facing the ceiling.

Step Three: Use the eye dropper to add 2-3 drops of oil. Wait for 2-3 minutes.

Step Four: Add 2-3 drops of warm hydrogen peroxide in the same manner.

Step Five: Stay in the same position until the hydrogen peroxide stops bubbling. You can place a towel on your shoulder to absorb any kind of spillage.

Step Six: In the instance of impacted earwax, one will have to repeat Step One to Five repeatedly.

Step Seven: Now, comes the draining process. Fill the bulb aspirator with warm water and tilt your ear over the sink. Position the bulb aspirator at about 45 degrees to the ear and squirt water into the ear, which will remove and loosen any remaining earwax. Let it drain out after that… and you can do this 2-3 times.

In Closing

And for those of you who are concerned about your children suffering from hearing damage due to rock music, think again! Here's a study that disproves this decade-old theory of hearing damage from rock music.

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