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Hydrogen Peroxide Ears – How to deal with Earwax Buildup

Posted Dec 17 2012 8:46am

What's the best way to beg off a date early? It's easy.

For starters, talk with your mouth full or even bring up delightful subjects such as an episode of using hydrogen peroxide ears or even how one of your farts caught on fire and so on and so forth.

As for men who go deaf from the hardening of ear wax, which is the most common reason for hearing loss, it's probably the woman in your life who is, quite literally, talking your ears off.

And there will come a point when you will have to do something about the wax blockage .

Word of advice for the brave: don't try tasting it either, you might just go blind…

What is Ear Wax?

No matter how sticky and inconvenient you might find ear wax to be, the truth is that it exists for a reason in our ears. Scientists have likened this wet or dry secretion to serve the function of lubrication, and similar to when we tear up.

However, this isn't the only reason why this substance, which is a combination of skin cells that have fallen off inside the ear and the secretions from the cerumenous glands, is actually present within the ear.

However, lubrication is not the only function that it performs but also a couple of others such as protecting the eardrum from dirt, dust among other things that can enter your ear as well as preventing any infections that might occur in the ear.

Which begs the question: Do you need to clean your ears on a regular basis?

Nope. No matter how much your girlfriend might want you to do this, nothing really needs to be done other than washing your hair regularly. So, don't go sticking things in your ear not unless you want a blocked ear and want to lose your hearing.

Speaking of losing your hearing, there are times when earwax buildup can occur and one must take action when it hardens up.

Health professionals recommend using the hydrogen peroxide ears remedy, and so let's take a look at this procedure to do this.

The Hydrogen Peroxide Ears Remedy

Now, before you proceed to the steps of this remedy for blocked ears, remember that if you have a discharge of pus or blood coming from your ears, consult a physician first.

Other people who should NOT try this remedy are those who have ear pain, sensitive skin or aurally impaired.

Now read on…

So, what do you need to carry out this procedure?

Hydrogen Peroxide (3 percent), cotton balls, eye dropper, olive or almond oil, a bulb aspirator (which is used for babies) and a family member as an observer.

With that out of the way, here are the steps…

Step #1: Place hydrogen peroxide and almond or olive oil in seperate bowl on a bowl of warm water so that they are heated enough so as to dissolve the hardened earwax when used.

Step #2: Tilt your ear to add the heated oil and hydrogen peroxide in such a way that the ear into which you will pour this hot mixture should face the ceiling.

Step #3: Use the eye dropper to add 2-3 drops of oil. Wait for 2-3 minutes.

Step #4: In similar fashion, add 2-3 drops of warm hydrogen peroxide.

Step #5: Remain in this position until the hydrogen peroxide stops bubbling. You can place a towel on your shoulder to prevent any kind of spillage.

Step #6: If the earwax is too hard then you will have to repeat Step #1 to #5 for a few more times.

Step #7: Now, comes the draining process. Fill the bulb aspirator with warm water and tilt your ear over the sink. Position the bulb aspirator at about 45 degrees to the ear and squirt water into the ear, which will remove and loosen any remaining earwax. Let it drain out after that… and you can do this 2-3 times.

In Closing

Here's a video that gives you more information about how to carry out this procedure safely.

Have you come across any other procedure that is as effective, if not better, than this form of treatment with hydrogen peroxide? Please feel free to share.

Also, if you want to learn more about your ears, then please read this article on  the ear diagram .

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