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Husbands sudden pain in outer thigh

Posted by berkiebee

 Last night my husband developed sudden pain in his outer upper thigh. He did not strain it and there are no apparent insect bites. It is continuing to be painful today and he is waking with a slight limp. He seems to feel fine other than the leg pain. Is there a condition that would prompt a doctor visit or is it just a muscle strain?
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Sudden onset of outer upper thigh pain?  Hmmm . . . more medical history would help.  Age, too, since older patients are more likely to develop shingles (reactivation of chicken pox).  The blisters are sometimes preceeded by pain.  This needs to be treated quickly to prevent post-herpetic neuralgia (or chronic pain).

Age, too, since osteoporosis can lead to stress & overt hip fractures, even without obvious trauma.

Did he recently cut or scrape himself in the area?  Break some skin by scratching?  Soft tissue infections are painful but you'd typically see some redness & warmth.   

Femoral hernias are more common in women than in men, but not impossible.  I doubt that an inguinal hernia would present w/pain on the outside but stranger things have been known to happen.

Have you traveled much recently where you might have had a long bus, car or plane ride or had an operation under anesthesia (which increases your rsik of clot formation)?

A good number of musculoskeletal conditions could present as outer upper thigh pain.  A tight iliotibial band could hurt from repetitive movement.  Bursitis can also be painful.   

If you want to cover all the possibilities and think bad thoughts, various cancers can start in or spread to the bone.
As w/most any condition, go see your family physician if it continues or gets worse, rather than resolving quickly on its own. 
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