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How to use Creatine for maximum effect

Posted Jun 30 2009 4:53pm

Get your dream body: It’s in human nature to always be in a rush to get things done; a rush to get slim or a rush to put on some muscle. In the fitness industry, there are different ways to approach this. Artificial pills are discouraged by medical and fitness experts alike. So how can you naturally put on some muscle mass without compromising on your health? Thankfully, it’s in our reach: Say hello to Creatine. It is a supplement which is believed to help athletes boost their performance, and helps just about anyone to build muscle mass. Creatine should ideally be used as an addition to your regular workouts and exercise – to help reach your fitness goals more effectively and quickly.

Understand your supplements well: Creatine is essentially an amino acid compound which is made by the body and is used to supply energy to muscle and nerve cells – it is also found naturally in red meat and fish in very small amounts. The Creatine formed in our body is first directed to the brain and heart and then to the rest of the body. Creatine supplements were introduced for athletes back in 1993, and since then have been a medically approved supplement for sportsmen. And why shouldn’t it be — it’s all natural and practically safe for the body. Not only that, it also helps decrease the reliance on drugs by naturally inducing the adrenaline thrill and strength to the body.

Apart from this, Creatine also helps you achieve the perfect amount of muscle on your body – thus becoming a great choice for body builders. Who doesn’t want their dream of having an 8 pac to materialize as soon as possible?

However, like all things, adopting a certain routine and procedure can help maximize the effects of the Creatine supplements. Here’s how:

Be inquisitive – this is your body we’re talking about: The best tip would perhaps be to read the instructions given on the packaging very carefully, for there are different types of Creatine being manufactured. Pure Creatine is the best to use.
How to use Creatine for the best results: There is a lot of confusion about how to use Creatine, what amounts are best to use, and when to stop its use.

Our body reacts to Creatine in a positive way, but hits a plateau after several weeks of usage. To avoid that, it’s good to follow some best practices that can help you keep benefiting from the supplement. The best way to use dietary supplements is to understand their effect on your body:

  1. Loading Phase: The most important phase in the Creatine cycle, this is where you get your body accustomed to the intake of this amino acid. For the first week, the best suggestion is to have a daily intake of 20 grams, phased out in 3-4 times during the day.
  2. Maintenance phase: Once your body is accustomed to the intake of Creatine, it’s time to lower the consumption. Switch your phased intake to 10 grams a day.
  3. Resting Phase: Give your body a rest from Creatine to maximize the outcome. From the fifth to the eighth week, use no Creatine.

The Resting phase assures that the used-to behavior your body has towards Creatine is barred, so that during reuse the effects are maximized. By following the prescribed method, you can protect yourself from all side effects and enjoy the healthy and safe use of Creatine.

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