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How to throw a Spiral

Posted Dec 29 2010 8:25am

One can draw parallels between rugby (which is pretty famous for the New Zealand Blacks) and American football despite several obvious difference that exist between the two. One glaring difference between the two is the importance of the quarterback  (which reminds me of a cool 'Yo Momma' joke), the plays and the teamwork that is involved with this.

Thank God for the fact that American football does not entail 'lifting grown' men to catch a ball at point of time during the game. It's as good as the groping that goes on in Greco-Roman wrestling!

The lure of this professional sport, its athletes and Thanksgiving Football

However, the thing about American football is the combination of energy, direction and brains that is poured into the sport whether it is the practice sessions or even the final of the Super Bowl. To say the least, it is a damn tough sport that takes a lot of hard work, skill and teamwork to function as a unit and win with the biting competition that is evident in every game.

And if that's not enough, the fame that these athletes garner is astounding to say the least, in the form of advertisement deals, record amounts of money in the contracts that they sign, the benefits that they also get and of course, the adulation of the fans who will worship the very ground on which they walk on. And of course, everyone wants to be like these athletes seeing the 'obvious' benefits that are involved in taking up this sport seriously.

It is, no doubt, that every athlete's dream is to reach (and win!) the Super Bowl but this brutal sport reveals a softer side during the last two months of the year in the form of Thanksgiving football. In fact, it is considered an American tradition where certain teams have been playing on Thanksgiving night (or over that weekend) ever since the inception of the professional football league now known as National Football League, as if you didn't know that already.

But through all the changes that have occurred during this time, there's one thing that every aspiring quarterback and kid desires to do when it comes to playing football. Yes, it is to throw a perfect spiral, and so let us look at a few steps that will help one to get started on this little dream of theirs.

How to throw a Spiral

What you will need to learn this is a football (of course) and a receiver who will run and catch the ball while in motion, and so here are the steps involved:

Step #1: Use your throwing hand to grip the back of the ball in such a way that your fingertips line up with the seams and stitches on the ball.

Step #2: Now raise your throwing arm (with the ball in its grip) so that your elbow is parallel to your shoulder. Make sure you bend your elbow so that your arm is upward.

Step #3: Bring your arm back as much as possible and execute a throwing motion while being as quick as possible, while twisting the ball slightly so that you put some spin on the ball (generating a "spiralling effect").

Step #4: As soon as your arm straightens out, throw the ball as if you were throwing a booger (of sorts) which will ensure that the right trajectory and spin on the ball is achieved.

In Closing

And one can only imagine how they teach this in rugby school if people are that hooked to the sport at all!

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