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How To Stop Cravings

Posted Sep 13 2013 8:27am

Godhatesfags I recently came across this “Shit Facts” fact on Facebook which revealed a most glorious truth: if you are a non-smoker , you’re still going to die.

How about that? As simple as it is, most people tend to forget that there are a number of ways one can die. Ways that tend to afflict those who are, in more cases than not, take great care of their health, and know how to live well.

Almost always, people think that your vices (cravings) are the only things that will kill you in the end but so will accidents, stress and all those other things that are not related to cravings.

But does that mean we take a chance and live life indulging in our most deepest (and sometimes, darkest) cravings?


Cravings – What We All Share in Common

No one escapes this. Every man or woman has a vice or craving. It could be something related to food, wine, money, power and God knows what else that is desirable on this blue-green ball that we live on.

But that’s what we all share in common – cravings. It is what makes us human. Appreciating that is the first step to probably controlling or even curbing these ‘passions’ as they could be so described.

Yet there are time when people tend to get too obsessive about dealing with their vices even if it’s fun (and isn't excessive) but there are times when they cross a point of personal obsession with their vices and make excuses instead.

Both extremes to me, are unacceptable. It’s misery-bringing living with an individual who if fearful of every disease while on the other hand, it’s pissing off having a friend who is an alcoholic. You begin to ask yourself whether there’s any point of living to die or dying to live…

With that said, there are only a few who tend to get orthorexic to neurotic limits (also known as orthorexia ) but there are far too many who go overboard without giving a second thought to how their craving rule their lives and not vice-versa.

Which brings us to the topic of stopping cravings that’s hardly an easy one to cover. If only it were easy to control our passions.

But it’s worth a shot, isn't it? Sometimes just sometimes, we feel the need to get our Life under control…

How to Stop Cravings

drinkingenthusiast So, with that said, here are a few tips that can show one how to stop cravings :

#1: Cravings are only natural
Cravings are going to be around. Ask any alcoholic, smoker or drug addict whether they feel the urge to drink or smoke again. They do. It doesn't mean that you are unmotivated or will fall back into the habit again. It’ll go away but you've got to be strong.

#2: Deal with the Craving Triggers
How you can be strong is by recognizing triggers associated with cravings. For example, if you are a smoker and must have one with every cup of coffee, then it’s a good idea to avoid coffee for sometime as well.

#3: Think about taking medication or create anti-craving behavioral strategies
When you’re hit with the desire to eat, drink or smoke, try and distract yourself by doing something else or make a contract with yourself so as to not do anything for about 5 minutes or so. Medication is also a good option especially if the cravings are too strong to curb.

#4: Consult a trained professional
Consulting a trained professional will help you cope with the cravings using tried and tested ways. You’ll have more than one strategy to fall back in every instance of craving. Moreover, they’ll be safe strategies as well.

In Closing

So, do you have any other tips on how to stop cravings ? If so, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Also, here is an article on America’s new habit of craving salt .

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