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How to Measure Body Fat

Posted Jun 17 2012 8:38am

A recent study linked obesity to a number of disease. So the obvious which arises is how much body fat is dangerous for health?

According to experts, this only becomes a hazard for someone's health when the percentage of body fat go above 35 % (for men) and 40 % for women, based on the total weight of one's body.

In order to get rid of this, you have to start exercising and maintain a proper diet so that you burn off as much fat as possible.

Another interesting statistic in all of this, is that for every 3500 calories that you burn, one pound of fat is lost.

And for those who don't care about the amount of fat that they have on their body, they will as soon as they're aware of the obvious benefits that come with losing weight through exercise and a diet.

Benefits of Losing Body Fat

Considering the large number of benefits that come with losing body fat, probably the most significant of them all is just the way you look when you go out. Conversely, when you are fat, there are people who will not stop at making fun of you, and rather sadly, despise you as well.

Apart from the usual health benefits that losing body fat helps with, probably the next best thing is that it gifts you with confidence and "I can do anything I want" spirit.

That, in itself, can spur you on to do much greater things than you could ever imagined. Trust me, it works!

Yet it's also important that you do understand the myths and facts when it comes to losing body fat as that will determine how long the process will take. Meaning to say, the right kind of exercise and diet will help you towards this end faster while giving into advice that doesn't (myths, they call it) will only prolong the process.

Here are some body fat myths that you must be aware of…

Another vital process in being able to lose body fat is to be able to measure how much body fat you have on you, and so here are some methods that are usually used to track progress.

How to Measure Body Fat – Methods

While the approximate percentages of body fat on men and women and their hazardous limits are clear, being able to accurately measure the amount of body weight has been something of a challenge in recent times.

So, here are some methods that are used as a method to measure body fat :

#1: Body-Mass Index

This is probably the most common method that you must have come across. Data is used such as a person's height and weight measurements but the truth it is not necessary the perfect method to measure body fat .

#2: Skinfold Measurements

This method employs the uses of body fat calipers which will be used after checking which parts of the body might be the right place to measure. It is preferred that an experienced examiner is sought to get this done right.

#3: Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

This method uses body fat scales in order to measure the amount of body fat where the scales have to be set using the right equation.

#4: Hydrostatic Weighing

They dip the person into a tank of water, and measure the amount of water that was displaced by the individual. This value is used to calculate bone density and the amount of fat on your body, using a 'special' equation, and is considered to be the most accurate of them all.

In Closing

It's no surprise that it will take sometime to lose body fat but it will be well worth the trouble, if you ask me.

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