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How to Jump Rope - 5 Best Exercises

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:20pm

How to Jump Rope

How to Jump Rope

For such a simple, portable, and lightweight piece of equipment, learning how to jump rope can be surprisingly complex.

Little did you know what a great workout you were getting back in your grade-school days playing "Double Dutch."

If you don't find your friends randomly twirling giant jump ropes as much as they used to, you can get some one-on-one time with your own, while building strength and endurance with these great workouts and exercises.

How to Jump Rope

1. Basic bounce step

With your feet together, simply jump straight up, barely clearing the rope, before landing and repeating. Simple enough, right?

You'll be surprised at how difficult it is to keep this going for any length of time.

Remember to keep your elbows close to your sides and make small circles with your wrists.

Also, stay on the balls of your feet each time you touch and keep your knees slightly soft.

How long can you last?

2. Alternating feet

Keeping the same rope mechanics as described above, this time start standing on one leg, with the other bent behind you at the knee.

With the first swing of the rope, quickly hop off your first foot while alternating them in mid-air, so you land on the opposite foot.

Once you get going, this will look and feel like you are just jogging in place with the rope going under each foot just before it touches the ground.

3. Power double jump

Again, the setup is just like the basic bounce step, but this time you're going to be jumping a lot higher, while the rope swings underneath you TWO times between each jump.

This one will take some practice to get the swing timing down, but this jump rope exercise will make you much more explosive.

4. Slalom/side-to-side

Start with your feet together and try to keep them that way throughout the entire exercise.

Jump slightly higher than you do on a basic bounce step, while also landing just a bit to each side with each jump.

5. Bell jump

This is much like the slalom, but instead of going side-to-side, you're jumping slightly forward and backward with each twirl of the rope.

You can alternate between each jump rope workout above or combine them for an intense circuit.

Now that you know how to jump rope, get out there with "Eye of the Tiger," and get your Rocky on!

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