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How to eat Pineapple

Posted Jul 21 2011 8:32am

Gosh! I love Cityville. It's one of the most engaging Zynga games that have been made for a while now, and there's no doubt that with the ever-increasing number of players, it will beat Farmville sooner rather than later in terms of popularity.

Managing a city of your own involves a whole lot of stuff (which you might not admit to unless you play the game regularly), and perhaps, you might have renewed respect for the Mayor of your city when your city continues to expand – because there are so many aspects to look after.

Yet planting crops has always been my favorite activity because it's timed, and you have to remember to keep time so that they don't wither away… and this means strawberries, carrots, cranberries, pumpkins and even pineapples as well…

Pineapples – There's an art to cutting them!

God, they are delicious… aren't they? Eating them really doesn't need much skill… but cutting them correctly (a vital skill in the F & B department of any restaurant) requires much more than just being able to use a knife.

If that's not enough, it's a bit different from other fruits in the fact that it's not only tricky to cut but is a prickly fruit that can nip at your fingers if you're not careful.

If you need to cut a pineapple for a special occasion, then you have to ensure that you buy it at least one or two days in advance so that it fresh as soon as you proceed to cut it open for your guests.

*Note on fruit Selection: Remember to find pineapples that are soft to the touch and give way when a little pressure is applied. Don't forget to only pick pineapples that have that lovely fragrance with them as well.

Now once you have done this, here are the things that you will need:A sharp knife, cutting board and the pineapples that are fresh enough to cut

Next, here are the steps that you should follow to cut it the right way/s:

Step One: Pull out the spine from the top. That should be easy, right?

Step Two: Next, at the top of the pineapple, pierce the skin with the tip of the knife after which you just have to cut the top off. Do the same thing with the bottom as well.

Step Three: Stand the pineapple back to its normal position and cut the skin off in strips. As you finish cutting off one strip, rotate the pineapple to cut off the next strip as well.

Step Four: Cut off all the strips until you are left with a cylindrical shape of pineapple flesh which is its core. Make sure that the way you cut these strips ensure that you are only left with the pineapple flesh and no traces of its skin.

Step Five: This step provides you with two options where you can either cut the eatable fruit that now remains in two ways such as circular pieces by setting the pineapple on its sides or just cutting it into strips by standing the pineapple up.

Just so that you gain a visual understanding of this procedure, follow this link which will show you how you can cut a pineapple as described in the steps above.

Here's another link that you can refer to when cutting a pineapple…

In Closing

Thank God we don't have to do this when playing Cityville… can only imagine how that effort would turn out!!!

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