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How to Eat Pineapple

Posted Jul 21 2010 11:41pm


It happened at lunch. My boss joined the entire team and of course with these MNCs, they insist on employees eating a fruit or two after the crappy food that they serve. And what runs is that 'Another Brick in the Wall" song by Pink Floyd…

Well, my boss came in and showed us how to cut a (thankfully!) fresh mango and it was very different from the caveman-like method of cutting it straight while the juice drips and rolls down your arm while you devour its sweetness like a hungry beast.

Apparently, with the food & beverage background in the sevice industry, cutting fruits and vegetables were like an artform, and did he impress us that day!

Actually, that's the only thing he impressed me with… winky wink… and probably confirmed what he was doing here in the first place!

And that's perhaps something we all share in common these days no matter where we live, as long its in a civilized setting. In taking inspiration, let's look at the way one can cut another fruit such as the pineapple…

Steps to cutting a pineapple

In comparison to other fruit, a pineapple is not only a tricky but a pricky fruit to cut, so handle it with care when proceeding to do so. The items required to complete this seemingly mundane task are a cutting board, a sharp kitchen knife and of course, a pineapple that is soft to the touch, gives way when a little pressure is applied to the bottom and has nice fragrance to it.

Now if you are preparing something using pineapple as one of its ingredients for a special occasion, one should buy it a day or two before so that it is fresh and ready to cut.

Step One: pull out the spine from the top. Easy?

Step Two: Next, move to the top of the pineapple. Pierce the skin with the tip of the knife after which you just have to cut the top off. Do the same thing with the bottom as well.

Step Three: Stand the pineapple back to its normal position and cut the skin of in strips. As you finish cutting off one strip, rotate the pineapple to cut off the next strip as well.

Step Four: Cut off all the strips until you are left with a cylindrical shape of pineapple flesh which is its core. Make sure that the way you cut these strips ensure that you are only left with the pineapple flesh and no traces of its skin

Step Five:

Option 1: Depending on how you want to present the pineapple pieces, one can cut them either by placing them sideways, and cutting them in such a way that you get little circular pieces of pineapple.

Look for pictures (and instructions) of how to do this at this link: Cutting a pineapple

Option 2:  Bring the pineapple flesh to its upright position, and cut it in the same way you cut the strips of skin off the pineapple until, all you have is the core.

Here's a video that describes this method: Cutting a pineapple

The only difference between the two is that with the former, you will have to cut out the core for each cylindrical piece cut whereas for the latter, all you have remaining once you've cut is the core.

In Closing

Wilderbeast or not… there's nothing like devouring the sweet flesh of a mango, and in this case, a pineapple. Not unless you have to fight for it, though…

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