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How to Eat Pineapple – What You Need to Know

Posted Nov 30 2012 8:41am

If you want to quit smoking easily, don't start. Trust me – it takes a lot of willpower to kick a habit that isn't the easiest to quit amongst the lot of addictions that is on offer to the average adult.

There's not a single person who has quit who will tell you that it was easy but there will be a few who will express – that's for sure.

What is also for sure is the fact that there are definite benefits to quitting cigarettes and that not only pertains to extending your life by almost ten years but also living a healthier one by miles.

It's a pity that it isn't as easy as steps on how to eat pineapple

Reasons Why You Should Eat Pineapple

While different regions consider other fruits as the "king of fruits", pineapple has been bestowed that name for not only tasting delicious but also for the health benefits that it has on offer.

Some of these benefits include:

#1: Loaded with Vitamins & Minerals

With vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A & C, calcium, phosphorus and potassium while being low in fat and cholesterol, pineapple makes for a very healthy fruit.

#2: Fights off Coughs & Colds

Since this fruit is rich in Vitamin C, not only does it have the ability to fight off coughs and colds but also aid in curing one of a cold. Bromelain , a proteolytic enzyme, aids in loosening mucus while also suppressing a cough. When eaten along with the medication that a doctor prescribes, the recovery process is much quicker.

#3: Improves Digestion

Bromelain, the enzyme mentioned earlier, is also responsible for neutralizing fluids that are too acidic while also controlling secretions from the pancreas that help in digestion. What this enzyme also does is keep the digestive track healthy.

#4: Strengthens Bones

Due to pineapple containing a trace mineral, manganese, pineapple is known for its benefit which will help strengthen the bones and connective tissue. In fact, if you eat just one cup of pineapple, you'll obtain at least 73 % of your daily requirement for manganese.

#5: Reduces arthritic pain and the risk of macular degeneration

Among the several ailment that pineapple has been known to prevent, reducing arthritic pain as well as the risk of macular degeneration are well-know. With macular degeneration caused due to damage of the retina, reading activities or even recognizing faces becomes difficult. Finally, since pineapple has anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces arthritic pain too.

So, now that we know that the 'king of fruit' is indeed a health fruit to consume, let's also learn how to eat pineapple as well.

How to Eat Pineapple

Before you can go about snacking on pineapple slices, you'll first have to find fresh pineapples at the supermarket. When picking them, ensure you find those are soft to the touch and give way when a little (and I mean, little pressure) is applied to them. Also, fresh pineapples also have a pleasant fragrance to them…

As for cutting pineapple into evenly sized pieces, here's a video that can help you do so, aptly titled "Pineapple Cutting 101".

In Closing

As for smoking cessation, and for those of you who are still smoking, try Nicorette – it works! Better still, try this application called iCoach which helps people quit – and supported by the pride and joy of my life, FC Barcelona.

Of course, here's a link to an article that reveals how to tell if fruit if ripe .

Also, if you have any simpler or easier tips on how to cut and eat a pineapple, please feel free to share them in the comments section.

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