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How to Cook Salmon

Posted May 20 2013 8:30am

The benefits of eating fish cannot be understated. For all practical purposes, the consumption of fish means helping yourself to a potential superfood.

Omega-3 fatty acids – that's what the fuss is all about. Thanks to the numerous benefits of omega-3 fatty acids , one can find themselves staving off a large number of health threats in the form of diseases.

Speaking of omega-3 fatty acids, salmon, which is well-known in the United States compared to other countries, has the largest concentration of the aforementioned nutrient apart from sardines, mackerel and pilchards.

And just as there are several benefits to eating salmon, and fish in general, there are just as many accepted ways by which one can learn how to cook salmon .

But before we address that, let's look at the several benefits associated with eating salmon or other fish for that matter…

Why Eating Salmon, and Fish in general, is Good For You

As mentioned earlier, eating fish, with salmon being one of the varieties available in the United States, is good for your health.

Best part: all you need is two 150 g servings of salmon a week to get the recommended intake of nutrients that will keep you healthy and fight the potential threat of a number of diseases.

And yes, we're talking about the all-important omega-3 fatty acids. Some of these health benefits that this nutrient (among others that are present in salmon) have to offer, include:

#1: Cancer Prevention

#2: Improved Skin & Hair Health

#3: Improved Cardiovascular Health

#4: Anti-inflammatory Properties

#5: Improved Eye Health

#6: Improved Cognitive Function

#7: Increases Metabolism

#8: Repairs and Builds Healthy Tissue

For an in-depth look in to why salmon offers these benefits, you can read more about the benefits of salmon at this link as well as this one .

How to Cook Salmon

Is my food really tasty? As for methods involving how to cook salmon, there are four common ways: grill, poach, bake and broil.

Of course, most of these methods that will be discussed below are actually the efforts of cooks at restaurants who have made video tutorials for the benefit of those who are interested in preparing and eating salmon. You can find several more video tutorials if you run a Google Search yourself…

#1: Grilling

This video tutorial has been prepared by Chef Jen at Mahalo on how one can grill salmon.

#2: Baking

This is another video tutorial by Chef Jen at Mahalo on baking salmon.

#3: Poaching

This is a video tutorial by Howcast on how to poach salmon.

#4: Broiling

Here is a video tutorial on how to broil salmon.

Finally, here is another video tutorial that covers three methods of cooking salmon (Persian style) but also provides the viewer with a lot of information about the process itself.

In Closing

So, are there any other benefits of salmon that we might have missed out? Are there any other widely used methods that throw light on how to cook salmon ?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Also, you can read more on salmon if you are interested in the benefits that this superfood has to offer.

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