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How Regular A/C and Heating Maintenance Can Help You Ward Off the Common Cold

Posted Oct 10 2012 8:53am

People take a lot of precautions throughout the year to stay healthy. But the common cold can strike at any time, during any season. Some say summer colds are the worst ones, others dread a cold in winter, but anytime you or your children have one, you’re miserable.

One measure worth taking to prevent the onset and the lingering of the common cold is regular maintenance of your air conditioner and heating unit. The healthier your home environment stays, the healthier you and your family can be.

How does this help?

The common cold is spread through the actual contact of the germ. But even if you’re in contact with it, you don’t necessarily take on the cold. If your body has a good resistance built up and is already healthy, chances are you may not actually get the cold symptoms. By maintaining your air conditioning and heating units in your home, you build a healthier environment, which in turn can help your body be more resistant and have a better fight against the common cold.

Not only will regular maintenance of these units keep your environment healthier, but it will also help keep you healthier and your body more prepared to fight the cold. Even if you do have symptoms, they may not last as long or be as severe.

Often times, people come into contact with a certain cold-causing germ, but their bodies can fight it off. If people are in good physical condition, they have a better chance of fighting. However, if someone is overly chilled or excessively hot, the body may not be in the condition to fight, and the germ will set in and start a cold.

If the air conditioning unit is not working properly due to lack of maintenance and the home environment is overly hot, chances are cold germs will set in. The same is true for a faulty heater; if you’re chilled already, your chances of catching a cold are greater.

What about dust and allergens in the units?

Just as maintaining a healthy temperature in the home is important, so is keeping a dust- and allergy-free home. If you are more susceptible to allergies and asthma, you may have a greater chance of catching a cold.

By keeping your air conditioning and heating units on a regular maintenance schedule, you prevent build-up of dusts and other allergy-causing material that will spread across the home through the use of heating and cooling units. Therefore, you stay healthier on the whole and your body has a better time fighting the common cold virus. If your nose and throat are already compromised due to allergies in the home, they are more susceptible to the cold virus setting in.

Regular maintenance and upkeep of your A/C and heating units can prevent allergens from building up and keep you from reacting to them. If you neglect to change your filters and perform regular maintenance, your chances of getting sick might be greater.

The bottom line is that the healthier your environment is, the better condition your immune system can be for fighting off a cold. With regular maintenance of your heating and air conditioning, you can be ready for the fight against the common cold!

Heather Legg is a blogger who writes about small businesses, Internet safety, and air conditioning and heating maintenance.

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