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Homeopathic Remedies

Posted Jun 16 2010 5:37am


In a 2010 inquiry conducted by the United Kingdom's House of Common Science (sense, maybe!) and Technology Committee into the evidence base for homeopathy concluded that this form of alternative medicine is no more effective than the placebo, that is commonly used in scientific control group studies.

Wonder what my uncle who is a believer of homeopathic treatment thinks about that. Not much, because he would rely on his 'experience' to guide his choices in taking medicine that is not evidence-based.

As all people who stumble on something that 'works', it is hard to see a different version of the 'truth', and of course the age factor (in my uncle's case) contributes to the 'set in your ways' paradigm that is more of a rule when it comes to old folks than the exception.

But is homeopathy a hoax like all other forms of medicine classified under the umbrella of complementary and alternative medicine?

Homeopathy – A cruel deception?

At the helm of the homeopathic philosophy lies the 'ipse dixit' axiom that means 'he himself said it', indicating that the ideology of homeopathy is based on Samuel Hahnemann's (its creator) authority on the subject and not necessarily based on scientific evidence.

If that's not enough, his approach to curing a disease can be considered rather 'singular' as instead of countering the effects of the disease using strong medication, intends to create a 'diversion of sorts' by inducing artificial (and similar) symptoms of the disease (that the patient already has!) by giving the patient a series of pills that are highly diluted preparations of animal, plants, mineral and synthetic substances.

His theory works on the idea that by inducing a disease by the use of these pills would empower the 'vital force' of the body to counter the effects of the disease already present, while the artificial disease would subside when the dosage of 'medication' is stopped leading to the statement 'let like be cured by like' which is the principle of the Law of similars.

Homeopathic Remedies

A homeopathic remedy is a substance that is prepared in a particular way and which is intended to treat patients using the Materia Medica, list of remedies prepared, and a repertory which lists the disease symptoms. And so, based on these two lists, remedies can be given to patients.

So, here are a couple of remedies:

Remedy #1

Illness/ Disease: Earache (beginning)

Symptoms: intense, unbearable, cutting and throbbing pain due to cold, ear is red, hot and sensitive, thirst, fever, patient is agitated, fearless and restless, symptoms are worse around midnight

Pills for treatment: Aconite 30X (Aconite napellum)

Remedy #2

Illness/ Disease: Swelling/ bruising/ injury

Symptoms: Shock, pain, trauma, soreness, tenderness, stress

Pills for treatment: Arnica 30X, which is most effective for all problems related to the overworked muscle due to age, work, arthritis and even prolonged sports training.

In Closing

Despite the conclusion that homeopathy is ineffective as a form of medication, there are still people who consider it to be a life-saver from the extremes of allopathic medicine. What is right or wrong cannot be decided conclusively purely on evidence, so the only way to go is to give people the freedom to choose the kind of medication they like.

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