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Holistic Health – What Is It And Does It Help People?

Posted Jan 15 2010 6:53am 1 Comment

For centuries, many different cultures throughout the world have adopted their own philosophies for the cause of disease and medical treatments. With the surge of science medical industry that has grown to be a multi billion dollar business, much of the traditional natural treatment and prevention of disease declined.

In recent years, ancient natural health treatments began to rebound as a result of consumer demands for less invasive medical treatments as well as industrial manufactured medicines. Holistic Health is a medical area that is now being embraced by millions of people from all over the world.

Derived from the Greek word ‘holos,’ the term ‘holistic,’ refers to ‘whole.’ Holistic Health is an alternative form of medical care that involves the treatment of one’s body, mind, and spirit.

Holistic health treatments seek to achieve harmony and balance of one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health. It seeks to treat the whole person and not just the disease. The holistic approach involves a multifaceted approach to health care treatment.

For example, if a person is more vulnerable to an infection than other people, a holistic practitioner will seek to understand why instead of only just prescribing treatment for the actual infection.

A holistic approach will involve looking at such aspects as diet, lifestyle, emotional well being such as stress, behavior…etc. The health insurance industry is now starting to recognize a number of holistic health treatments as important to ones health care.

For instance, there are some health insurance companies who will provide coverage for such holistic health treatments as chiropractics and acupuncture. These insurance companies will often include certain holistic treatments in their health insurance quotes.

Holistic health combines scientific medicine and a more natural approach to health care. A natural approach combined with the science of medicine can include: nutritional supplements, natural diet, herbal remedies, relaxation, psycho-spiritual counseling, meditation, exercise such as yoga, massage, acupuncture, breathing exercises…etc.

Holistic health helps people by focusing on the whole person, assessing one’s overall health and well being, health ailment prevention, and health maintenance. The patient is heavily involved in the healing process.

Body detoxification of toxic and harmful chemicals is an example of taking measures to prevent such conditions as cancer, lung ailments, chronic fatigue…etc. Holistic health has been shown to be beneficial for people afflicted with such conditions as infectious disease, stress, degenerative and chronic lifestyle disorders, acute conditions, physical injuries and physical trauma, toxemia, immune system disorders, glandular frailty, organ failure, skin problems, depression and anxiety…etc.

As the medical science community begins to recognize holistic health as a viable form of health care that will help people afflicted with a variety of health ailments, more people will be taking advantage of this valuable form of health care.

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Great post! As a physician, I look forward to the day that a holistic approach to

 A href="">health and well-being</A> is incorporated into our health care system.

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