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Hindrances or Excuses?

Posted Jun 29 2009 4:38pm
I remember those days when we were teens and we had these "House Chores" in the house, and sometimes you were not able to do them, or forgot them or even maybe just totally took them for granted because you had to go out with your friends or maybe even ex-girlfriend. By the time you get home you suddenly remember OOPS! I think I forgot to fix my room! And when you open your front door, Daddy is sitting by the couch watching TV wearing a disappointed face and telling you "You forgot to fix your room!" And you go something like, Oh uhm you see Dad, I was kinda in a hurry and was really running late for school." Or maybe you uttered some boring excuse you know your father wouldn't buy. Then he would always reply "You may have all the valid excuses in the world, but STILL you didn't get the job done."

Now that I started this journey, the same thing applies. Everytime the Lazy-monster posses me, I just really stop and tell myself, "another valid excuse?" Like in my previous posts, I think I've also been experiencing those times wherein we felt we were tired or didn't have the time or something came up kind of stuff. But here I am still head strong walking in the same straight line going for gold.

2 Common Valid Excuses or maybe Hindrances?

Valid Excuse # 1: Time

I believe we would all agree with this. Time is probably the only thing in this world that is always not on our side. Agree? The only solution is actually find and alot time for yourself. There's just no such thing as "I don't really have a choice". I think that would be very lame. Don't you think? Find time. Make time. Why always think of Time as your enemy when it could be a your Asset.

Valid Excuse # 2: Work

This is very related to number 1. Actually it goes something like, I can't go to the gym coz I have work. As for this one, 2 words: Time Management. Agree? You can't always use "work" as your excuse. Take me for an example. I work in a Call Center. My shift starts at 1230am and ends at 930am. By the time I get home, just like all of you, I'm also tired. I'm also worned out. I also feel lazy to go to the gym. So what do I do? I don't go to the gym after work. I go to the gym BEFORE I go to work. Obviously, after work we are all tired and would just really want to sit down on the couch, open the TV and maybe fall asleep. So why push it? Besides, even if you did made it to the gym you wouldn't be able to maximize your scheduled Workout Routines. Why? You're already tired.

Source of Motivation

Try to think again about your Goal. What is it that you want to achieve? Why did you go to the gym in the first place? If you are going to the gym just because you had a buddy who wants you to accompany him/her then forget it. Get OUT of the gym. You don't have any purpose there. Worse, you're wasting time, money and effort. Be sure if you're going to start working out, you have a goal. You have a picture of what you would like to be. So when the time comes that you're feeling lazy, stop time. Focus and think about your goal. Remember, the only thing that keeps your goal so far away to reach is you procrastinating.

Next source of motivation: Friends and Family. Don't you want to hear the words "hey you're looking good these days. Your belly has shrunk and it's like your Aura is kinda different." Or at least something close to those. Try again to picture your goal and your friends looking up to you. Think about all the people who would admire you, who would look up to you who even.. well for girls, you get the boys attention and as for the Men, ofcourse the women always have that ideal guys looking Fit and Right.

Last but not the least, yourself. Living healthy pays off well. Maybe the most obvious is that you get to wear what ever you want. And the clothes look good on you because they "Fit" just right. Being fit means also not getting sick or at least not that often. And of course life just gets to be a lot better and lasts longer. So what do you think? Still lazy? Any other hindrances or Excuses? You decide. Remember, the things that we would regret the most in life are not the things we did but the things we failed to do.
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