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High Heel Health – What You Need to Know

Posted Jul 12 2013 8:09am

priest-jesus To me, the United States is such a contradiction. It still is the world's largest GDP, has probably the most charismatic and forward thinking President that I can think of and has plenty of people who don't interrupt you when you're making a point.

Everything that the country I live in can hardly boast of even if it's regarded with great awe in being a land of spirituality. And that's where it all ends. We're good when it comes to the intangibles only and just about nothing else, regardless of all the hoopla.

It shouldn't be surprising that the women in our country hardly have the same freedoms as women in the United States. Yet the most remarkable thing about the latter is the fact that a group of male priests (who haven't seen a vagina in years) were nominated to decide whether women should obtain healthcare benefits which include contraception.

Bet you didn't see that coming, now did you?

Thankfully, it isn't as crazy as a man offering women tips on high heel health , or so I think.

What about High Heels, You Might Ask?

Right off the bat, it's bad for you – no, we're not talking about the attention you get when you wear high heels but if you wear them too often.

There are a number of conditions that can trouble you such as foot, lower back pain and arthritis in the knees due to continuous pressure and so on and so forth.

Of course, the obvious benefits include being stylish and looking taller but it's really up to you to decide where you draw the line, and whether you're willing to sacrifice personal health for your appearance.

If you aren't convinced yet, then be sure that you might end up with injuries as you inch towards the age of 60.

Simply put, don't wear them everyday but try adding a little variety to your footwear, which I'm sure won't be such a hard idea for women to embrace.

High Heel Health Tips

bornwithpenis Since the topic of conversation has gotten boring, considering that you might have to stop wearing high heels to work, and this is advice from a man,  just bear with me as we run through this list of high heel health tips:

#1: If it is mandatory for you to wear high heels to work, then it's a good idea to carry a pair of sports shoes or presentable sandals to work, and which you can wear, when you are at your desk or when you don't have to attend business meetings.

#2: When you are buying high heels, and which you would despite reading this article, at least keep its height to an inch and a half along with a pair of flat shoes that you can change into when at work.

#3: If you find it impossible to go about your daily routine without wearing heels, then it's a good idea to purchase heels of varying height. It's also recommended to wear heels with straps as well.

With that said, these 3 simple tips should help you improve your health overall, if you haven't been able to understand why you've been having the aforementioned conditions stated.

Here's another nice how-to that covers how one should walk in high heels .

In Closing

Are there any other high heel health tips that you might have in mind? Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments sections below.

Also, on a similar note, here's an article that cover barefoot training .

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