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Hide An Erection

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:47pm 1 Comment
Photo from the Internet. I am not quite sure if it is real.

It isn’t uncommon when a man is put in an embarrassing situation when he could not hide an erection. Have you ever experience this? When you’re a teenager, an obvious erection would not only be a center of attention, it could be a topic of ridicule. When you’re mature enough, having an erection during the most inappropriate situation could either make you a sex maniac or a DOM (dirty old man). However, if you’re not that overly endowed, noticing an erection would not be such a “big” problem, so-to-speak. Hehehe. But seriously, there are some tricks that you can follow to avoid such embarrassing situations.

The clothing is the key to conceal an erection. Tight garments restrict the movement. The jeans can be good or bad: Loose pants could hide the growth and accentuate the tight. It is said that khaki pants are also good for hiding an erection.

The underwear can also be a factor. As a general rule, the briefs are better than the boxers. Anyway, taking into account that many men prefer boxers, there is no need to wear briefs.

The loose fitting shirts are the best if you want to come to fruition. If you are in school or in a place informally, using a long-sleeved shirt tied up to the groin to hide the erection. It also serves a sweater.

When you cannot do anything with clothes, resorted to drastic measures! Put something between your member and the people around. Hide it under a desk, putting a book in front of you (but be casual and not obvious), or improvise with anything else at hand.

Another trick is simply to wait. Give it time and relinquish. Do not think about it or it will last longer. Think about something that grabbing your attention: sports, politics, whatever. Some people find the strength to unpleasant thoughts in the neutralization of the erection and everything will be fine.

But most importantly, be glad you are still capable of an erection. Some people are dying to have one!

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Why on Earth would I want to hide a perfectly good erection?  I might miss an opportunity to mak someone else very happy!  FTW!!!
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