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Hi I have a feeling that my left ear is blocked and also the left side of my neck is swollen all the way from the back of my ear

Posted by Matt

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I have a feeling also that my left ear is blocked though it doesnt effect my neck, is that not something to do with your glands, perhaps could be?

I went to my GP only yesterday, who said my inner ear drum was deflated and could be catarrah said it can happen if you get a lot of colds, flu, runny nose, I dont get any of these, praise God, but went on to prescribe me these pills for Hay fever and rashes, were I dont see the link at all, but he's the doctor.

I've now to take these for a month before I can go back, I really cant see these doing any use, I dont believe its catarrah, but must do as doc says.

I suffer with NOISE in left ear, and a dullness as if its blocked, but I can hear with it, sometimes I even hear peoples voices in double surround sound. Thnnk the Lord, no pain though.


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