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Hi I am male 32 having burning buttock pain and burning in the saddle area.Also I have spasms that I can feel in my bladder area

Posted by aj

This all started 6 months ago out of the blue with like a pain around the anus area and urgent urination.  Then a few days later after sitting at a meal for 2 hours I got up and after walking a few yards strated to get burning on both but cheeks out of knowhere.  Went home and it subsided.  Still left with anus pain that would just come and go.  Always practised safe sex but got std test done all came back fine.  Over the next month it subsided but inbetween it did get worse.  Felt like my testicle would swell up and go red, then I would need to go to the loo. Funny thing I would never get the acute pain in anus area as same time as this redness/infllmatioon started.  Then It all went away only to come back 2 months later.  I recognised at that point that it was aggravated by sitting.  Basically the whole burning in buttocks, urinary urgency but this time the pain in the anal area seemed more pronounced.  Also a few days later I got this massive hit of pain in my testicles. It lasted for 10 minutes and left me in tears.  After that I am left with no burning anymore in buttocks,just feels like an ache which hurts more or is aggravated more by sitting down. It can vary from a tingle to an ache and sometimes causes lower back pain aswell as stifness in buttock and lower back muscles.  Sometimes I sit for an hour then nothing, sometimes 15 minutes and once I get up the varies symptoms arise.  It is so wierd.  There is no urnary urgency now but just little bouts of pain in the area below my bladder, aswell as hips,buttocks and lower back. Did MRI showed nothing. As I can move about and not elicit much pain which means it is intermittent I am convinced it is some kind of infection..If it was structural you would expect the pain to come with certain movements. What do you think as my Dr is clueless!!

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is yor prostate ok? have you been tested for pudendal nerve entrapment?

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