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Hernia repair, Is this swelling normal?

Posted by maryjc

My husband had umbilical hernia repair 5 days ago. He's had swelling in feet and ankles and low grade temp since day 2 and by day 4 swelling and bruiseing in groin as well and temp of 102.  I paged Dr. and took him to ER.  They took blood, did xray and cat scan. He had pneumonia and cellulitis and some fluid around the navel area.  They gave him a bag of rocephrin and sent home with 2 antibiotics.  They never looked at his privates, just said swelling was normal. That was yesterday.  Today his privates are worse.  His testes and penis are swollen and very dark ( almost black), as well as the area around them where the hair is.  He is Itallion and his bruises always look dark, but this is getting very scary.  I don't want to bug the Dr, but I feel I should do something.  Is this much swelling and bruising normal, should we be this scared, and is there anything I can do to help him? or should I call Dr again?



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