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Help 2 bumps on penis and sore throat?

Posted by edg54

ok so about 5 days ago i was sleeping with this girl and 3 days latter 2 bumps came out on my penis on the head and side and i Have a sore throat but we didn't have sex or anything we just made out so what could this be there still the same(the spots/bumps) and i'm getting sweaty (like wet) when i sleep i'm really worried i'm going to the doctor tomorrow PLS help i'm 16 trouble swallowing and stuff thanks
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Hmmm . . . this is tricky.  So you "slept" with this girl but "didn't have sex or anything".  You "just made out", that's it.  If that's the case, don't worry about the bumps on your penis.  That's just a coincidence.  Unless she performed oral sex on you or you had vaginal (or anal) intercourse with her or she had some extremely dirty hands on your penis while making out with you, it's unlikely that she could have transmitted any sexual infection to your penis just by kissing you on the lips.  


I suppose if she had a sore throat, she could have passed the infection on to you during your make out session but you would have likely known that she was sick.  I suppose she might have had something like oral herpes but was unaware of it.  In that case, she might have passed something onto you but you'd be more likely to complain of blisters.  Perhaps she has HPV (human papilloma virus).  In that case, she could pass HPV onto you but you wouldn't have a sore throat just days later.


Best thing to do is what you're already planning to do which is to go see your family physician.  You might want to ask for the HPV vaccine, too, to prevent getting/spreading HPV from/to your partners.  And even if your partner is taking birth control pills, we always recommend that you wear a condom in order to lower your risk of getting/giving a sexually transmitted disease.  Good luck! 

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