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Heat Stroke Symptoms

Posted Jun 10 2010 5:20am


In a conversation with a neighbor this morning, the changing education system from percentages and marks to the grade system came up. What this means is that kids will finally begin to live their childhood and this change will surely stop the slew of suicides that have resulted from the prior system and has caused an uproar with several parents who are obviously concerned about the pressure that is being placed on kids these days.

Becoming suicidal over an outdated education system is hardly the way to go, but several such deaths could have been stopped if the symptoms could be as obvious as in illnesses…

Takes for example, the phenomenon of hyperthermia which is an increase in body temperature due to the failure of the thermo-regulation mechanism that the body controls through homeostasis.

The most common causes of hyperthermia are attributed to heat stroke and the adverse reaction to drugs. And since the popular refrain 'Say No to drugs' or 'The War on Drugs' has been beaten to death, we can safely assume that there's enough that's been said, so it's time to pay close attention to the other cause of hyperthermia: heat stroke.

Heat Stroke

So, what is heat stroke?

Very simply, it is when the body's thermo-regulating system breaks down and the overall body temperature rises above 104 F. This normally occurs when the person in question is not used to the heat and humidity in the region in which he is located in.

Obviously, when he overexposes himself to the environmental conditions that are extremely hot for too long a duration. Apart from this, heat stroke also occurs either due to exercising too strenuously or in getting a fever that is illness-related. Some other factors that might contribute to the overall effect are dressing up too much despite the heat, overeating and drinking too much alcohol.

The immediate effect of any of the reasons is heat exhaustion and after when the body cannot regulate the temperature, this progresses to heatstroke.

Symptoms of a heatstroke

One can spot a heart stroke in two ways, by checking for physical and mental symptoms before it occurs, and so here a list of them.

1. Heavy sweating

2. Fainting

3. Fatigue

4. Weakness

5. Confusion

6. Dark yellow or orange urine

Now, here are symptoms of once the heatstroke sets into its victim:

1. Body temperature over 104 F

2. Hot and dry skin

3. No sweating

4. Flushing

5. Muscle cramps

6. Rapid and a weak pulse

7. Shallow breathing

There's no doubt that emergency treatment is required when the person displays either heat stroke or the symptoms before heat stroke sets in. In a nutshell, the body has to be cooled immediately, and here are some first aid steps that one can take before transferring the patient to a medical facility.

a. Remove the person's clothes, and move him to a shady area.

b. Cover the person with a wet sheet that must be kept wet.

c. Fan the person or use an electric fan to do the same.

d. Do this until the temperature drops to 101 F, when the body feels cool to touch.

e. Give the person sips of water, juice or a soft drink as well.

In Closing

Summer's here, and there's nothing like taking a few precautions. However, since there will be a few cases that will occur, so be prepared!

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