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Heat Stroke Symptoms – A List

Posted Oct 01 2012 8:15am

Global warming. Is it such a big deal considering the fact that since the dawn of the New Millenium, global temperatures have risen from 1.2 to 1.4 F?

Some say it's stupid to worry about while others say that the effects of carbon-di-oxide (in terms of global warming) will last for years to come – even if we do stop carbon-di-oxide emissions.

But what does this have to do with the condition of a heat stroke (also known as heat illness )?

Scientists have concluded that with these temperatures climbing with each passing decade, one of the effects of global warming will be that more athletes, infants, outdoor workers and the elderly will suffer from heat strokes, and prove fatal, if not dealt with in time.

Heat Stroke – An Introduction

By definition, heat stroke is a condition where the body goes above 106 F due to the fact that it is unable to cool down when it is exposed, usually for long periods of time, to hot weather. Other causes of heat stroke include overeating, alcohol abuse , and overdressing despite the heat apart from vigorous physical exercise or even dehydration.

(Now don't confuse this condition for a "stroke", which occurs when there is drop in oxygen to one part of the brain.)

There are two types of heat stroke: Exertional and Classic non-exertional heat stroke. In the case of the first, a heat stroke occurs due to extreme exertion by an individual in an area of extreme temperature, usually athletes and people who work outdoors.

The second type of heat stroke affects people who are chronically ill, infants or the elderly and are due to heatwaves that do not occur very often in the area that they live in.

Strangely enough, in this condition, even sweating profusely isn't enough to cool the body down as this is the usual manner in which the body regulates its temperature.

It should be noted that since the body temperature rises quickly, and as soon as 15 minutes, treatment should be administered as soon as possible.

However, what would help if one knows what the  heat stroke symptoms are, and so here is a list.

Heat Stroke Symptoms – A List

There are certain pre- heat stroke symptoms that one can identify, and which are both physical and mental in nature:

#1: Heavy sweating

#2: Fainting

#3: Fatigue

#4: Weakness

#5: Confusion

#6: Orange or Dark yellow urine

Now, there are certain symptoms that set it once the person is suffering from a heat stroke, and they are:

#1: Body temperature over 104 F

#2: Hot and dry skin

#3: No sweating

#4: Flushing

#5: Muscle cramps

#6: Rapid and a weak pulse

#7: Shallow breathing

Along with this, and after informing the paramedics, move the person to a shady area and remove his clothes. If applicable, cover him with a wet sheet and fan him until his body begins to cool down and is cold to the touch. Give him or her a few sips of water, juice or a soft drink.

In Closing

And since they say, prevention is better than cure, ensure that you are aware of the chances of a heat stroke when summer arrives, and take steps to ensure it doesn't happen again.

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