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Healthy Travel Snacks – Common Options

Posted Feb 02 2011 8:33am

I've always considered travel and comfort to be mutually exclusive ideas. If they are able to co-exist, then there's no challenge or fun to travel. However, since most of us are able to stomach (and I mean this literally) anything, the same cannot be said for those who have kids or are sick.

Of course, for those who consider Life to be an adventure, this might seem silly because they consider that lifestyle to be one of variety, and one that must be adhered to at all costs.

And by lifestyle, I mean, enjoying all that the trip has to offer in terms of the sights, the men and women, the culture and most importantly, the food.

But what if one cannot afford to put on this 'devil-may-care' attitude when you are on a trip that lasts for at least a few days, thanks to a sensitive stomach or even worse, the possibility of indigestion and food poisoning that are very real threats when one is traveling.

The truth is that there are snack options that one can make do with until they reach a place where the food is palatable, and for all practical purposes, served to keep you in good health.

Healthy Snack Options: For the Road?

While the words "healthy" and snacks don't necessarily feature in the same sentence together most of the times, there are some options that not only work for you while you are at home but also will do you a lot more good than harm if you are on the road for that matter.

But here are some guidelines for those who would like to understand what a health snack is, and therefore, improvise:

a. Is fresh and most definitely, has not been processed

b. Does not require to be refrigerated

c. The snack content should have a well-balanced proportion of carbohydrates, fat, fiber and protein

Most importantly, if you are looking for healthy snack options, remember to avoid sugar or caffeine-based snacks.

And before you begin to look around for these options, here are a few that might appeal to you in one way or another.

Common Healthy Snack Choices

While these choices are not any better than each other, one can resort to carrying one or a few of these snacks just in case it gets to be a long journey. So here are the choices that will work well for just about anyone, including adults and children:

a. Water & Dairy

Try to carry water and dairy product such as low-fat milk with you instead of sodas as the former will keep you hydrated and give you energy to keep up with the demands of the trip.

b. Fresh & Dried Fruit

Options of fresh fruit such as apples, apricots and bananas can do the trick while options of dried fruit such as raisins, prunes and dates are also an excellent choice.

c. Trail Mix & Nuts

As the name suggests, trail mix was essential prepared for hikes, and normally have been made with chocolates, dried fruit, nuts and grains. Nuts, on the other hand, such as walnuts, almonds and cashews work well to keep your energy level high during a grueling trip.

d. Sandwiches

Peanut butter, string cheese and fresh veggies are excellent options to use along with whole-grain bread.

In Closing

Just because you're on a road trip that doesn't mean it gives you the license to lose it but instead should encourage one to take of their health even better.

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