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Healthy Recipes for Kids: Tiger-blood, seriously?

Posted Mar 10 2011 8:30am

Charlie Sheen. You might love or hate him but the truth is that you won't miss him. Yes, the ninja warlock master (blah blah) with his goddesses and all that jazz in the Sober Valley Lodge!

The joy and unpredictability of manhood is all one can summarize by his antics these days, and while he regards himself to be a 'ball-player', you know he isn't talking about baseball, thanks to the number of kids that he has had with three women now.

In a recent interview, he considered himself being a good father (and I like what he said!) despite the fact that he spends his time bedding a porn star and a pot addict.

And while this might raise questions: Is this behavior of his setting a good example? Or will this lead to his two sons carrying on the father's legacy of being blessed amongst women for all the wrong reasons?

One can only surmise that the least he can do is take care of the kids when it comes to their daily needs (food, if you will) if not in the area of higher thinking.

The Basics of Parenting

Since Charlie won't be the one shouting at his little 'tribe' to eat their veggies and stuff, we'll have to assume that Brooke and Denise will have to do the job but when it comes to taking care of kids in this sense, it's fair to assume that their moms do a much better job anyways.

At another level together, he might be able to trick his kids into eating literally anything (just as his floozies fall for it hook, line and sinker) while their moms might have to take a backseat there, with a few bad memories to spare.

But seriously… if there's anything that he [Charlie] does know, it is how to make anything seem fun these days, and perhaps this is a talent that he can use in order to turn the boring foods that his kids might not want to eat into interesting meals that they can't get enough of.

And perhaps, this is what every parent should think of when they are trying to get their children to eat something they don't like.

Healthy Children Recipes

Since there are a blast of recipes that one can find over the internet that can work as healthy and interesting food for children, here is a list of two to three foods that I've picked for each large meal (breakfast, lunch & dinner).

I. Breakfast

Option 1: Oatmeal with Bananas, Walnuts, Cranberries and Brown Sugar

Option 2: Bisquick Pumpkin Pancakes

II. Lunch

Option 1: Corn Dogs

Option 2: Baked Chicken Fingers with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

III. Dinner

Option 1: Easy Shepherd Pie

Option 2: Southwestern Beef & Bean Burger Wraps

IV. Snacks

Options: Fresh and dried fruit, dairy product based delights like smoothies, yoghurt, pudding, raw veggies with low-fat dip or dressing and the 'mother' of them all, popsicles with 100 % fruit juice.

In Closing

Guess the tiger-blood drinker couldn't come up with this list, whether it is for his kids or for Angus T. Young even if only he played his make-believe uncle. Maybe, after banging a few more 8-gram rocks… just maybe!

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