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Healthy Fast Food Options: The top six

Posted Nov 14 2009 10:01pm

When one encounters a phrase such as ‘Healthy Fast Food’, it’s ‘suspend your disbelief’ time as the conceptualization of such an idea seems to ridiculously defy our experiences in the real world. Perhaps the use of such a phrase belongs to the world of sci-fi cinema where allowances for such contradictions are permissible at the cost of being entertained, and perhaps a reason being that with time, the meaning of the word ‘fast food’ has taken on a healthier connotation unlike its monstrous reputation in this day and age.

Yet sometimes, much like Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series which elicited the use of video-phones that became a reality not so long ago, the same can be said of the phrase ‘healthy fast food’ despite the controversy and questions about its adverse effects on health that have been brought up time and again.

Simply put, most popular fast food joints do offer healthy alternatives now. Yes, it’s true!

(So we can happily go on to dedicate the ‘suspend your disbelief’ part of our lives religiously for Hollywood and the boob tube.)

And check out some of the options that are at our disposal at some of America’s largest fast food chains…

Healthy Fast Food Options
1) McDonalds
Serving almost 47 million meals a day, McDonalds is one of America’s most popular fast food restaurants in the world. The McDonalds grilled chicken salads with low-fat dressings is the best choice while the Fruit 'n' Yogurt Parfait dessert also works towards eating a meal with as less calories as possible.

2) Burger King
Some of the healthier options Burger King are (again!) the grilled chicken salads, a chicken sandwich with a garden salad as well as the Veggie burger which many say is a bold step for a meat-dominated burger franchise to have on their menu.

3) Wendy's
Similar to the option listed for the burger joints above, grilled chicken sandwich or salads are healthy with low-fat dressings. And just for variety’s sake, try a large chili with a side salad.

4) Pizza Hut
Healthy options at Pizza Hut include the Thin 'N' Crispy Pizzas and the Fit 'n Delicious Pizzas with their garden salads and light dressings.

5) Taco Bell
Their range of Fresco tacos and burritos are better options than the rest of the menu along with the side salads.

6) KFC
The salads and chicken are fine here, but remember to order for chicken without the skin. Also ensure that they chicken is grilled and not fried.

Now since this isn’t a comprehensive list, there’s a neat little pocketbook conveniently called the ‘Pocketbook Dietician – Guide to 500-calorie Restaurant Meals’ that one can refer to before ordering a meal at most restaurant and fast food joints in the U.S. You can find it at this link.

In Closing
Yet in all these choices, there is one believable choice that hasn’t been mentioned because it isn’t fast food as much as it is fresh food – Subway. It is the most popular choice amongst these restaurants when it comes to a low-calorie diet (amongst the health & diet conscious folk) yet it doesn’t belong with the big six mentioned above for obvious reasons. So if you can’t be bothered with perusing through pocketbooks and customizing your meal, Subway’s just right for you! Yes, yet another missed opportunity for to suspend your disbelief, while Samuel Taylor Coleridge turns in his grave…

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