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Health Links 11/1/09

Posted Nov 01 2008 1:51pm

health-links.thumbnail It’s a new month and almost a new year. It’s hard to believe that the end of 2008 draws near. I’ve been writing here at Health And men for about 16 months and it’s been a fun ride. However fun it has been I have had some ups and downs. Sometimes my passion  is evident and sometimes it’s all too obvious that I’m slacking off. I write 3 other blogs besides this one and sometimes I rush to get up a post or two during an average day. I’m going to start shooting for a well thought out and well written article on a daily basis instead of just trying to get something posted.  It’s also been a long time I have given a little link love so here are a few great links from around the Health Blogoshphere.

What the hell is a slosh-tube? I was thinking the same thing when I first started reading, but it seems it’s a pretty simple and effective workout tool. Find out what a Slosh-tube is over at Mark’s Daily Apple. He’s also got a great article on the benefits of coconuts.

Disease Proof is always a great place to get great health information. Now you can follow Disease Proof On Twitter. I love grapes and everyone knows that they are good for you but did you know that Grapes can lower blood pressure.

We all know that Organic foods are better for us but it’s so expensive to buy better, healthier organic foods, right? Organic Authority gives us some tips on Shopping For Organic Foods On A Budget.

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