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hard bone-like lump on forehead and facial burning

Posted by tarks

i've noticed in the past couple of months that i have a large boney bump on my forehead just above my eyebrows. It's slightly raised and can be seen clearly in daylight as an oval shaped bump around 6cms long and 2cms high. It feels very hard, almost as if it's a growth out of the skull.


some other symptoms i have, that appeared around the same time are...

- extremely dry skin on forehead and nose that feels overly warm and has a slight rash (skin on rest of face is normal)

- dull headache where bump is 

- constantly ringing ears

- sore nose (almost like the bone is hurting), slightly swollen, always congested

- intense burning episodes of my face that can last up to 2 hours, impossible to relieve when it occurs. (tried running ciold water on it, fan blowing on it, resting cold items on it. nothing helps

 - intolerance to heat 

- numb upper teeth

- dry eyes


i was due to see a specialist next week, but they've since cancelled the appointment and now i can't see anyone about it about february.  

 thanks for your help

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