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Hair Loss - Coping With Emotional Aspects - Guest Post

Posted Jan 01 2011 12:00am

The Old Testament tells the story of Samson, the man whose powerful strength was connected to his hair. When Delilah cut off that hair, he became weak and powerless.

Although the hair of today's men is not actually imbued with magical powers, many men who suffer from hair loss can relate to the same feelings as Samson when his hair was cut off.

Because of societal views of somehow being physically "perfect," your confidence and self worth take a hit if you show the signs of baldness.

Besides seeking medical treatment and home remedies, there are ways for you to cope with the emotional aspects of hair loss.

Confide in a Family Member or Close Friend

Keeping your feelings about your hair loss bottled up inside can lead to anger, resentment, and even depression. By talking about your feelings with a family member or close friend whom you trust can help bring those feelings out into the open.

Even if the person cannot offer advice, just knowing that someone is willing to hear you out, and that you are not alone in the world, will make you feel better.

Find Others Who Share Your Dilemma

You can also seek out groups of other men who suffer from hair loss. Being with a group of others who understand exactly what you are going through -- the fears, the anger, the loss of confidence -- can be very empowering.

And by being with others who share your situation, you can vent, rant, and even cry, and still find acceptance and understanding. If you are not able to find a face-to-face group, you can try searching for forums and groups on the Internet.

Information Can Be Empowering

As a man, your hair loss can be a traumatic event, but there are avenues available to you to help you understand and cope with the myriad of emotions you deal with because of it. Finding the information and support you need can not only help you to discover ways to treat your hair loss, but also give you renewed confidence.

Information about the causes of hair loss and taking proactive steps toward dealing and coping with your condition can be empowering. It gives you an understanding about the condition and the options available. Your physician, the Internet or books are places you could begin your knowledge-seeking.

About the Author
Simon Jenkins first started taking an interest in the impact of hair loss when his own hair started to recede. He now advises other men on different treatments and coping mechanisms. He’s also carried out a number of investigations into laser combs and other products.

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