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Hair Loss Causes – Any sexy balding rock stars?

Posted Mar 09 2012 8:14am

has been a big part of rock and roll. Long hair, I mean. It was important if you wanted to make it as a rock star in those times, no matter where you were.

While "metal" began to lose its sheen, glam rock took this fad of long hair by the scruff of the neck by adding makeup to the mix. Some men took great pride in the length of their hair when it was considered to be more of a feminine thing.

And then the New Millenium happened. Most of these chaps, now well into their 40s, find themselves in an era where long hair isn't necessarily cool anymore.

And which is why you'll find several rock stars from the 80s, who went through a hiatus of about 2 decades, sporting crew cuts and the like, in a time where men are preferred to have "short hair".

Who knows? They might be balding too, so one wonders whether this change in hairstyle was more about "aging gracefully" other than anything else. For the rest of us though, causes could be attributed to anything else other than just fads…

Hair Loss Causes

Generally, since it's accepted that women tend to have more hair than men, hair loss is more prevalent in the former. To say the least, is only natural with 100 to 150 hairs lost everyday. That's just the way our body works… and is attributed to the process of "hair renewal". A vague metaphor to describe this process is the annual shedding of skin by a snake…

Yet for those who experience hair loss in larger numbers, it can harrowing. If it's just temporary, the body can correct the deficiency yet in the case of irreversible reasons, it can bring about physical, mental and emotional changes in a person for life.

This is why there are so many clinics out there that are trying to find a way to reverse the process of losing one's hair especially if it's not temporary in nature.

So what might be these reasons, you might ask?

are broadly categorized into three reasons, and so here they are:

#1: Hormonal Changes

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why both men and women lose hair. Women tend to lose hair anywhere on their head while men tend to lose hair right from their crown to the front of their head.

Blame it on the follicles that have a greater number of androgen receptors that Dihydrotestosterone can attach itself to.

Also, if the above condition is genetic then hair loss occurs, and the only way to resolve this issue is by administering DHT inhibitors.

#2: Illness-Related

Unlike the previous reason, this hair loss is temporary. Diseases such as high fever, severe infection, severe flu, thyroid disease, a deficient diet, effects caused by particular prescription drugs, cancer, low serum iron, major surgery, chronic illness, fungal infection and stress are said to cause hair loss. However, once the body is healthy again, hair growth resumes.

#3: Mechanical Damage

Hair pulling or anything other kind of mechanical damage caused to the head can result in . Another way by which you can rapidly lose hair is by opting for too many hair treatment sessions and styles.

In Closing

Makes me wonder whether balding rock stars and their sexiness of yore really matters anymore… hardly, I think?

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