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Had Angiogram 7 Months ago Catheter broke off at hub 55cm still in me the catheter is radiolucent how can I find ?

Posted by concreteman

seven months ago I had an angiogram, during the procedure the catheter broke off at the hub leaving 55 cm of catheter inside me. Dr. tried to snare it out for a long time, then I lost pulse in my right leg, called surgeon in to operate, he thought he would find it in my leg but didn't. The bypass surgery was succesful, but during recovery my left arm lost all pulse for about 2 hours, surgeon was called back to operate on my left arm, was sure he would find catheter there, but did not, he found a blood clot due to all the snaring done during the angio. I had 2 CT scans and they could not find the catheter because it is radilucent. Had another scan and still could not find it so now they are saying that maybe they got it out and just never saw it. I don't believe that, is there anything else I can do to try and find it. Thank you for your time. Dan
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