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Green Superfood – The Ultimate Power of Spirulina And its Super Friends

Posted Jun 25 2010 5:57am

Meet The Green League

green superfood

Green Superfood

If you have never heard of green superfoods before, it may sound like a cape-wearing broccoli flying across the city and saving the day, or perhaps a peapod lifting big heavy boulders and throwing them on top of villains and crooks. For some reason, green superfoods are not able to do all these things, but they certainly have unbelievable power and energy to promote human health, build up stamina and also reinforce the immune system.

Green superfoods are not vegetables or organic food. In fact, they are natural supplements that provide a very high amount of nutrients and energy. The nutritional value of these foods is found to be significantly higher than normal food. A small serving is enough to provide great amounts of energy and meet the nutrient requirements of a body. Therefore, superfoods are the best supplements to ensure a healthier life without having to eat too much.

The Average Diet and the Super Diet

The human body requires a good amount of green vegetables and fruits as a part of its daily diet. Studies have shown that the Standard American diet lacks a considerable amount of this nutritional requirement. In fact, it is comprised of a lot of processed food that is harmful to over all health. This explains why the Standard American Diet is sometimes sarcastically referred to as SAD. Sadly enough, SAD is the major reason behind the alarming rate of obesity and many cardiovascular diseases in the country.

Superfoods promote a healthy alkaline diet while the SAD is highly acidic. The Alkaline diet contributes greatly in improving the immune system as it eliminates harmful bodies such as bacteria and fungus. The alkaline diet may also help in cleansing and detoxifying the body.

Essentially, a superfood diet may be able to fight off all the diseases and effects that a standard acidic diet promotes. Alkaline diet can counter many health problems including obesity, cardio vascular diseases, arthritis and digestive problems. It also aids in keeping the blood pressure and sugar level in control.

Some Super Members

The green superfoods are generally the greens which are not part of an average diet. Most of them might be part of some ethnic diet but in most parts of the world, they are not considered as conventionally edible food. The following are examples of some of the most beneficial members of green superfoods.

  • Wheat Grass: Wheat grass is not very hard to find in America, yet it is not part of an average American diet. However, the benefits and energy levels this superfood provides are recognized by many energy drink manufacturers, therefore, wheat grass is a major ingredient in most of such drinks. Moreover, it might also be very helpful in increasing red blood cells, controlling high blood pressure, and stimulating metabolism and the thyroid gland.
  • Barley grass: Another energy-packed superfood which is highly overlooked in the standard diet. Barley grass is gluten-free and non-allergenic. It is also a vitamin-abundant food and a great contributor in alkaline diets.
  • Chlorella: There are countless health advantages related to Chlorella, which is a member of algae family. It contains proteins and Chlorellan, a very beneficial compound. Algae are also not part of the conventional diet, but they are said to possess amazing power. A lot of people have been using chlorella for heavy metal detox programs to remove mercury and lead from the body. It might also help in improving the liver function and immune system. Other nutritional elements include vitamin B, C, E, iron and Calcium.
  • Spirulina: Another algae and a prominent member of green superfoods. Interestingly, the name Spirulina comes from its shape. Spirulina has age-old proven benefits. It is thought to be extremely beneficial for the immune system and mental functioning. Moreover, it is rich in amino acids, vitamins, iron and proteins.

Superfoods Super Facts

As mentioned earlier, Superfoods are not a part of the average standard diet in most part of the world. It is also not possible to consume these foods like other fruits and vegetables. These superfoods are available in mixes from different brands. These mixes can be used in shakes, smoothies, water and even soups and salads. Complete instructions of the use of spirulina and other green foods can be found written on the packages. Plus, you can find many other delicious super recipes as well.

Superfoods are healthy foods and can be taken by almost everyone but there are few exceptions regarding conditions and the dosage. Generally, pregnant and breast feeding women are required to consult their doctors before taking superfoods supplements. In case of children, the dosage should be reduced to half, or as specified on the package. Other issues might include the concurrent usage of anti-coagulant and anti platelet medications. It is advisable to carefully read the label before taking any kind of superfoods, as some people might be allergic to any ingredient.

Superfoods are not a new discovery; their benefits have been known for centuries. Today, a lot of quality brands are available in the market and online health stores. Look for the ones with ingredients that you require as the major component of the blend. You can also find products that do not contain one or few of the most common allergic ingredients.

About the Author
Tom Hines, co-owner of (MN #1 retailer of Now Foods vitamins ), has been working in the nutrition industry since 1997, is a competitive powerlifter, lives with his wife Netti and three boys TJ, Grady and Brock on the prairie in west central Minnesota, spends his leisure time coaching youth wrestling, working with his horses and being play toy #1 for his boys.

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