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Getting The Most Use Out Of Your Iron Gym Or Equivalent Pull Up Bar.

Posted Mar 03 2009 2:53pm

Iron Gym When I first bought my Iron Gym I didn’t get much use out of it. When I would use it I would pull it out and do a set or two of pull ups and put it back. I didn’t start getting a lot of use out of it and improve my pull-ups until I started leaving it in the doorway.

I left it in the doorway that I use often. As I would walk through it would take a few seconds and knock out 5 pull-ups and move on. This started happening several times throughout the day and my pull-ups started to improve. I’m still not quite where I was at about two years ago, but I’m getting there.

Try this method if you are having the same issues as far as not using this equipment as much as you’d like. I mainly do the alternate grip pull-ups but I still have improved the close-grip chin-ups greatly. Not only does the alternate grip work your biceps, it works your fore-arms great too.

The Iron Gym has proved much more sturdy than I thought it would. If it were ever to break I don’t think I would buy the same one, but opt for a different brand or maybe a pull-up station with a dip option.


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