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Get Fit With FitDeck Exercise Playing Cards

Posted Dec 03 2008 2:31pm

home_sample_navyseal When I was younger we used to play drinking games with cards. Sometimes those games would include flipping a playing card, doing to as many push-ups the card amounted to and then taking a shot of tequila. The next day I was not only sore, but very hung-over. I never played that game again…with Tequila anyway. Later on in life we used a similar method while doing Physical Fitness training in the military. We would have an exercise designated and flip a card. Whatever the card amounted to we would do that many reps. While this was a pretty good concept, sometimes the reps would be lacking and the variety of exercises were limited to the instructors knowledge and imagination. Here is a simple, yet effective and fun way to exercise while using a similar, but improved concept.

FitDeck is a deck of cards with various exercises on each one, but not quite as simple as that. There are a variety of specifics for each an almost every persons lifestyle. Here are a few examples.

The Office FitDeck

prod_samplecard_full_office_stationarylunge Have some free time during lunch at the office and want to make good use of it? Maybe you just need a minute or two to stretch?

The Office FitDeck has exercises that you can perform in the office, in office attire and you’re not required to get on the floor.

Keep your muscles limber, blood circulating and maintain mobility with the Office FitDeck Booster deck.

Travel FitDeck

prod_samplecard_full_travel_kneeraise Maybe you travel a lot you get stiff muscles and joints from sitting on board planes or in the airport. The Travel FitDeck is designed for just that. stretches you can do right from the discomfort of your coach see with out having to wander the cabin and disrupting others.

Increase your blood circulation, de-stress muscles and keep joints lubed with the FitDeck Travel Booster deck.

Navy Seal FitDeck

prod_samplecard_full_navyseal_pushuphandstand Think you’re hardcore enough to keep up with some of the most fit fighters of the U.S. Military? Give the Navy Seal FitDeck a try. Chances are your muscle will be screaming for mercy before you get through all 26 cards.

Designed for mostly upper body and for users on a higher level of physical fitness. Probably not the best deck to start off with if you’re just trying to get back in to shape. Maybe it’s something you could work towards after extensive conditioning.

Bodyweight FitDeck

prod_samplecard_full_bodyweight_pushupswide Probably the most universal of the FitDecks, the Bodyweight FitDeck features exercises that you can do just about anywhere there is enough room to do some floor exercises whether it’s at the workplace or right in your living room.

These are not the only decks available though. Below is a list of FitDecks designed specifically for each category.

52 Card FitDecks

  • Bodyweight
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Stretch
  • Prenatal
  • Postnatal

26 Card Booster Decks

  • Travel
  • Office
  • Stairs
  • Navy Seal
  • Firefighter
  • Combat Sports
  • Pull Up Bar
  • Exercise Ball
  • Balance Dome
  • Kettlebell
  • Dumbbell
  • Resistance Tube
  • Toning Ball
  • Exercise Bar
  • Playground
  • Baby Stroller

So you can see that there is almost a deck for every lifestyle. FitDeck also has a few accessories and DVD’s that can go along with some of the FitDecks. You can mix and match FitDecks as well.

FitDecks would make a great stocking stuffer this time of year and makes for a fun way to try to work off the holiday weight or maintain your physical conditioning. Check out more and see if there is a FitDeck that fits your lifestyle.


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