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Gestational Diabetes – What You Need to Know

Posted Apr 11 2012 8:34am

For the most part of our lives, we think we have it under control, and then something almost always does "throw a spanner in the works". Complications are going to be part and parcel of our lives, so don't expect any better. Especially when the stakes are high…

No one is excluded – not even a single person. It can be in the area of family, friends, career, love, money and in some cases, health. Or a combination of any of these things that really matter to people.

Take love and health for example… and hey presto, you'll find a complication such as gestational diabetes that isn't very safe for both the woman and child.

But before we look at this type of diabetes, let's look at the conventional types of diabetes…

Type 1 & 2 Diabetes – An Introduction

Diabetes, is an ailment that indicates that sugar levels are too high in your blood stream and is usually divided into two types, and are classified quite simply as Type 1 and Type 2.

Type 1 is known as insulin-dependent diabetes and occurs because the beta cells located in your pancreas is attacked by the immune system. Due to this, insulin isn't produced in your body anymore.

With no insulin in the body to distribute the glucose to other parts of the body, usually the glucose can cause great harm by damaging one's organs. For the person with this type of diabetes, the only way to survive it, is to take insulin shots.

Type 2 Diabetes , which is the most common type of diabetes, is where insulin is produced by the body but the fat, liver and muscle cells do not respond correctly to the insulin, thus creating the same effect as Type 1 Diabetes which is where the glucose stays in the bloodstream.

And speaking of complications, gestational diabetes is the third and more rare form of diabetes where the glucose levels in the body increase in a pregnant woman despite the fact that there is no indication of the patient suffering from Type 1 or 2 Diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes – An Introduction

To put it simply, it's a complication that isn't good when pregnant . The reason why one suffers from this is complicated by the fact that a to-be mother needs at least three times more insulin than usual.

With the resistance to insulin, the glucose levels build up in the body, and this is, as mentioned earlier, not good at all for the baby and the mother.

However, pregnant women can have faith in the fact that not everyone get gestational diabetes during their pregnancy. It's only a select few. Most women who get gestational diabetes have the following symptoms:

#1: Have too much glucose in their urine

#2: Have a history of conventional diabetes

#3: Are overweight (check your BMI to know more)

#4: Have gestational diabetes during a previous pregnancy

So it should be pretty clear that if you don't have these symptoms, then you're home free. Statistically, it happens to only about 4% of pregnant women.

In Closing

No matter what you think works in terms of health & fitness, being overweight has a lot to do with the ailments that we get. That's the root cause more often than not!

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