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Fructose Intolerance – Everything You Needed to Know

Posted Jul 20 2012 8:40am

Intolerant people suck, quite frankly. It all boils down to one thing: they think they're right. All the time, and there's nothing that you can do to stop them.

This crops up over and over again especially in the case of racism, religious fanaticism or sexism where views put forth are extremely polarised – probably, due to life-changing experiences that have been anything but pleasant.

It's fine to ignore these views to a certain extent…but there comes a point when these views leads to actions, and have to be nipped in the bud. In other words, racist, sexist or religious fanaticism has to treated with extreme prejudice.

Well, the same attitude goes for foods that cause allergies, whether it is gluten or even fructose intolerance

What is Fructose Intolerance?

So, how does it feel when you're kicked in the gut? Well, that's how those who are afflicted with fructose intolerance feel too, thanks to the consumption of excess fructose that manifests as a digestive disorder.

And there's no other way to deal with this condition other than completely eliminating it from your diet – and which is no different to the reason why some people have to avoid gluten foods.

But why does fructose intolerance occur?

Blame it on the absense of aldolase B, an enzyme, which isn't present in your small intestine to break down fructose, and which is why the body is not able to process this nutrient into energy and remains in the liver and kidney.

If this continues to occur unchecked, then sooner or later, the blood sugar levels drop (hypoglycemia) and this can result in damaging the liver and proving fatal as well.

However, this condition might seem, the truth is that it is extremely rare and occurs only in one in ten thousand people.

Fructose malabsorption , on the other hand, which is not the same as this hereditary disease, causes irritable bowel syndrome, and is not fatal. Most of all, it isn't passed on from parents to children but is only temporary in nature.

Fructose Intolerance – Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

As mentioned earlier, hereditary fructose intolerance can be fatal but can be stopped in time by looking out for certain symptoms such as hepatomegaly, hemorrhage, jaundice, hypoglycemia, hyperuricemia – and make not mistake if left unchecked will lead to liver failure.

When it comes to the diagnosis of fructose intolerance, the patient will almost always have a history of being allergic to fruits and other foods which contain high levels of fructose.

Much like those who suffer from gluten and lactose intolerance, there is sadly no cure for the patient other than avoiding all foods with fructose in them. It's unfortunate because fructose intolerance is for life, and the patient has no other way but to monitor what they eat for the rest of their lives.

Complications that are developed can and will be treated accordingly by doctors but for the patient to recover fully, they have eliminate all forms of fructose, sucrose and sorbitol from their diet.

This is no different for those who are suffering with fructose malabsorption either…

In Closing

Whether this pertains to food allergies or intolerance, extreme prejucide is the way to go. Yes, extreme prejudice has its uses too… in the interests of self-preservation!

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