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Free Fast Tricks To Lose Weight Rapidly

Posted Apr 16 2011 8:17am

Queen summed up our mantra today – I Want It NOW!

Knowing that some wallets are a little creaky and rusty near the hinges, unemployment rates are high and inflation is boosting everyday expendables to heart breaking prices – here are some fast free tricks to lose weight rapidly.

None of these tips are magic bullets, but if you combine them and use them in conjunction with a sound nutrition plan and some exercise, you will see faster results. Just remember that faster isn't always better, because sometimes fast fat loss means losing a little muscle as well – but as long as you are aware that you may be sacrificing some muscle, you have been told.

However, there are circumstances (such as awesome beach parties, summer, holidays) where you may want to drop a few sizes rapidly, and not worry too much about losing a bit of muscle – I know I'd rather drop a few pounds and carve out six pack abs and be a little less muscle, than being fully muscled and carrying around enough body fat to make me look a bit chubby!


1. Use High and Low Carb Days

This is one of the secrets of champion bodybuilders. Negrita Jayde (who I often quote because she was one hell of a woman) used a low carb/high carb cycle almost by accident and discovered that she lost weight consistently and almost to the minute knew when she would get more cuts and definition in her physique.

Using 3 low carb days and 1-2 high carb days is the norm – on the low carb days you take in as little as half your maintenance calories, and on the high days you take in roughly your maintenance calories (a little over on one day is acceptable).

This works, and it works well.

Your metabolism takes a few days to slow down noticeably, and when it hits that third day and it is about to slow, you feed your body all the fuel it needs to kick the metabolism back into overdrive. This may create a small muscle loss, but it is minimal if you make sure to eat plenty of protein and near zero carbs on the low days.


2. Do your workout in the morning

I don't care who you are or what color your flag is, if you get your workout out of the way first thing – you can't put it off. You can't create excuses to not to do or get stuck "helping" someone, working late, running errands etc.

Get up earlier and get the workout out of the way – chances are after a while you will start arriving home at night and wonder how the heck you managed to get so much into your day – this is how good getting up early is.


3.  Drink way more water than you think you need

This is good for many reasons, but the one I am talking about isn't 100% healthy. Sure water is great for detoxing, mobilizing fat stores and all the other benefits, but there is another reason to over-do the water.

If you have a certain day where you want to look more ripped up than Brad Pitt in Fight Club, then you can decrease your water intake the day by about 1/2 to 1/4 and over the day your body will squirt out all of that excess water like crazy because it is so used to the massive amounts you normally drink.

Note, I said this isn't 100% healthy, but unless you go the extremes that some bodybuilders do such as completely stopping water intake and taking massive amounts of diuretics, you are not in any harms way.

People can survive a few days without water, so if you are only drinking a little bit the day before you will be fine, because you are a champion athlete, eat well and drink plenty of water normally.


4. Watch your plate

I can't stand repeating the whole eat 6 meals and make them small thing. Yes, it should be practiced, but it is not gospel. As long as you are eating the right foods and fighting off the urge for carrot cake and Fanta, you will still achieve your goals.

I don't have the time for 6 meals per day, I normally have 4, but one day a week have a good feed up just to make sure my metabolism isn't slipping.

Just watch how much you eat – try counting calories even just for a day to get an idea of the caloric total of the average meals you eat, because most of the time we eat the same things.


5. Fuel your workouts

Sometimes I just don't feel like working out – I may have had a crap sleep, feel tired, lazy, whatever. So I put my iPod onto some heavy metal and start shadow boxing. I feel every muscle in my body working together to throw just a simple punch, and feel the tremendous power that surges through my body. Some people like dance, techno, R&B, Rock'n'Roll, but my medicine is heavy metal – the heavier the better.

It makes me crazy, makes me work like my life is hanging on the edge of that last rep, or that the boxing bag is the grim reaper himself. Having a strong cup of coffee before your workout will make you a little crazier too, which is always a good thing in the gym – you won't get the best results from shying away in a corner on some derelict machine listening to Patsy Cline.

Look at the UFC fighters who train – they are big arrogant beasts, but they sure are in shape. They know how to get mentally psyched up, otherwise they would get knocked out in every fight they enter.

Use whatever rocks your boat, go and buy an iPod, some coffee, or tape the face of somebody you can't stand to the boxing bag and pound it until you Papier-mâché your boxing gloves with sweat and paper.


Johnny Palmer is the kind of guy you talk to and think "What a nice guy". Until you see him in training. Johnny teaches you how to get abs without any b.s methods. He blogs over at and shows you the best way to lose belly fat and has also done reviews on what he knows are the best weight loss product s.

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