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for about 10 years my right are will give out. it is so bad my wife can pinch my arm and i cant feel it. what should i do

Posted by Adrian D. Facebook

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10 years is a long time for your arm to be weak and numb.  The extent of the weakness & numbness that you describe makes me worried about nerve damage, most likely from the neck depending upon which part of your arm is weak & numb.  Best to go see a neurologist (or a physiatrist) who is trained in performing nerve conduction velocity and electromyogram tests to asses your nerve & muscle function.  Your family physician can readily check for some vitamin deficiencies and perhaps even diabetes, although typically the feet go numb in diabetes long before the arms ever do.  One other possibility is that you had a stroke 10 years ago so a brain scan might be in order, too.  Good luck!
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