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For 3 years I have had intermittent navel and groin rash following endurance sports.

Posted by Grrrr

I used to train for multiple-day endurance events but following one such event I became really quite ill with what was diagnosesd as Campylobacter.

 I have been told that this bug cannot harbor in the body but I noticed that almost exactly 6 months after the original incident I would have a relapse which provoked fever, illness and, as I started to recover,  a rashwould appear in and around my navel, on the righit side of my groin/inner thigh and sometimes across my lumbar region.

The rash could be hot and itchy or just present if the illness had been less intense.

I have sought clarification and doctors have checked for foreign diseases due to my background as an outdoor instructor, with experience in many developing countries and also having served in the Military in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I had a recent relapse after a 6hour bike ride and therefore hoped that this forum may help track the source.  I had considered Lyme's Disease.


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