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Foods That Help Lower Cholesterol

Posted Oct 11 2012 8:33am

After analyzing people’s lives and what must be done to improve it, it all comes down to health. If people will realize the importance of their health then, it will improve their lives immensely. Health is wealth after all. One of the things that people should prioritize is to monitor the following:

  • Blood Sugar Levels
  • Cholesterol
  • Triglycerides
  • Uric Acid

These are the basic aspects that we need to check at least once a year to be able to live a healthy life. Of course if a person is suffering from a particular disease, that person also needs to focus on the healing of that disease by monitoring tests that is related to that.

But these days, people have encountered heart disease, heart attack and clogged arteries that they are now focusing more on their cholesterol levels. People try to lower it down by doing ways like exercise, natural supplements and of course food. It’s a good thing that there are actually foods out there that will help lower people’s cholesterol.

  • Garlic. If you check the health benefits of garlic here – you will see that eating garlic lowers blood triglycerides and cholesterol by about 5-15%. It also has the ability to protect blood vessels from oxidative damage and inflammation. Yes, garlic is that powerful, it can improve your health in a lot of ways.
  • Whole Grains. Whole grains include: whole grain bagels, waffles, bread, muffins, crackers, pancakes, seasoned popcorn (without the butter), or cooked whole grains would help lower your cholesterol and would protect yourself from the risk of heart disease.
  • Oats. Oats and oatmeal are foods that are known to be rich in fiber not only helps in good digestion but also cuts down the amount of cholesterol that your intestines usually absorb.
  • Olive Oil. Most oil promotes heart disease except for olive oil that is rich in antioxidants that would help lower cholesterol. If you want it to be more effective, try extra virgin olive oil.
  • Nuts like Almonds, Walnuts and Pistachios. Aside from walnuts, almond and pistachios, there are also nuts that are very healthy such as flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, hazel nuts and pumpkin seeds. These nuts are good sources of protein, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. It is surprising that it also provides vitamins, minerals, and fiber. But take note that you cannot consume more than 1 ounce (1/4 cup) of nuts since it contains too much calories that might increase your weight.
  • Apples. The saying, “An apple a day keeps the Doctor away.” This is indeed true because consuming apples will help lower down cholesterol, preventing arteries from hardening and protecting your body against strokes.
  • Grapes. Grapes are known to naturally produce flavonoids that is very healthy for the body.
  • Brown Rice. Getting popular for the health buffs these days is the whole brown rice that contains oils. These oils reduce the body’s cholesterol level. It is also filled with fiber and magnesium.
  • Cinnamon. Cinnamon decreases the amount of low-density lipoproteins and triglycerides in your body which would eventually lead to lower levels of cholesterol. Perfect to treat yourself with a teaspoon of cinnamon each day.
  • Broccoli. The vegetable that provides a whole lot of fibers which helps in lowering you’re your cholesterol.
  • People get to live only once. We only get to have one chance of living. So, we might as well make the most out of it by eating the right food, take care of our body by living a healthy lifestyle and monitor our cholesterol every now and then.
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