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Foods High in Protein

Posted Jan 02 2012 8:38am

Protein. It's an industry buzzword when it comes to fitness, bodybuilding and athletics. It's literally everything to these people who want to get to the top, and you find several people who are in this group cramming large amounts of protein in various forms to get that extra edge. Take bodybuilders for example…

I love Arnie & Co but can't get myself to do something like that since I don't have such lofty goals… probably, do things the way Joseph Pilates did things… a combination of exercises from both the East and West yet having "fun" while doing so…

While that idea might seem controversial to some (yes, the crazy people), there is no controversy about the importance of protein in our lives when it comes to health & fitness.

A Note on Protein

Apart from carbohydrates and fats, protein is considered to be the most important nutrient of all. That's because it is present in every cell and tissue located in our body.

This is not the only reason why we need more of it but from a fitness point-of-view, consuming protein results in the burning of fat and encourages the building of muscle.

Every conceivable diet preaches the impact of having complete protein, with minor variations on whether animal or vegetable protein is better.

All the same, protein , in its completeness, has been found to be the perfect solution for the aforementioned folks as they are far energetic to meet the day and the back-breaking labor that they have to go through.

To put it simple, protein is a chain of amino-acids, and some of them are a part of the list of essential amino-acids that the body requires to function optimally. Complete protein helps you with that…

So it bodes well that protein is a regular part of your diet, whether you care about it or not. Don't you want meet each day with energy rather than lethargy?

Ah, living life to the fullest… there's another theory…

Foods High in Protein

To get you started, here's a list of foods high in protein (animal and vegetable) and which have the highest content of protein, as you'll as you peruse through the list.

1) Meat
a. Lamb loin: 32.1 g
b. Elk meat: 25.9 g
c. Buffalo steak (top round): 26.3 g

2) Poultry
a. Turkey breast (skinless): 33.9 g [another variant is the Turkey ground 99% lean: 28 g]
b. Ostrich steak: 28 g
c. Chicken breast (all variants): 26 g
d. Deer meat: 25 g

3) Dairy
a. Cottage Cheese (non-fat): 16.2 g
b. Cottage Cheese (1 % low-fat): 17.5 g
c. 1 cup of Milk (skim): 8 g

4) Seafood
a) Wild Alaskan Salmon: 28.8 g
b) Yellow Fin Tuna (steak): 26.5 g
c) Shrimp: 23 g

5) Vegetables
a) Lentils: 9 g
b) Adzuki Beans (1/2 cup): 8.7 g
c) Canned Lima beans: 7 g
d) Canned Black beans: 7 g

6) Fruits
a) Dried Goji berries: 4 g
b) Cantaloupe: 2.3 g
c) Pitted Cherries: 2 g

7) Cereal, Pasta, Bread and Grains
a) Whole wheat plain bagels: 12 g
b) Multi-grain bagel: 11 g
c) Uncooked Quinoa: 10 g

8) Fibrous vegetables
a. Raw and chopped Broccoli: 4.6 g
b. Artichoke (fresh and edible portions): 4.2 g
c. Frozen Green Peas: 4 g

9) Nuts, Seeds, Oils and Fats
a. Hemp seeds: 11.4 g
b. Pumpkin seeds (Shelled and roasted): 9.4 g
c. Raw Peanuts: 8.6 g

In Closing

While people might discard this business of being careful with your diet by saying, "Who wants to live forever?"… why not start the day with a solid protein-based breakfast… and you'll see why!

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