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Foods High in Protein – A List

Posted May 13 2013 8:19am

The term " protein shake " means different things to different people, if you get my drift. But then again that depends on who you are – a serious fitness enthusiast or just another "wannabe".

One way or another, a "workout" is in order, isn't it?

But I digress…

Protein, in all seriousness, is a buzzword that reverberates throughout the fitness world with almost every athlete, bodybuilder or exercise freak using the power of protein to get bigger, faster and better.

Of course, if you aren't much of a fitness freak, there's probably no need for protein shakes or protein-based bodybuilding supplements but it wouldn't hurt to think about eating  foods high in protein .

With that said, it's also fair to assume that most people who aren't fitness focused know little about the importance of protein to our bodies, and which is what we'll cover next.

Protein – Is It Worth All The Hoopla?

Simply put, among the six main nutrients that are important for the human body, protein tends to get the most importance because of its ability to not only repair and also build up tissue. Of course, the muscle-building part comes from only exercise, and exercise alone.

This attribute makes foods high in protein perfect for athletes who take part in competitive sports where there is a greater possibility of injury and damage to one's body, and need to recover as soon as possible.

no-whey-mate It must be pointed out that not all sources of protein offer the same quality of protein that an individual can benefit from. Some sources of protein (like whey protein , for example) are complete proteins where one can get all the essential and non-essential amino acids required to keep one's body in optimum health.

Most of all, protein is present in literally every cell and tissue in our body, and it should y be no surprise to note that the body does require this nutrient in substantial amounts.

So, in other words, whether you are a fitness freak or not, the need to consume protein in whatever form is important, and is definitely worth all the hoopla.

So, without further ado, let us take a look at a list which reveals a number of foods high in protein, and should work for no matter who you are.

Foods High in Protein – A List

As mentioned earlier, there are several animal and plant foods that are high in protein, and while animal foods are said to contain complete protein, the daily recommended limit for women between the ages of 19-70 is 46 grams while it is 56 grams for men between the ages 19-70 as well.

With that said, here is an article on the top 10 foods highest in protein worth reading while also reviewing the PDF document containing a list of foods high in protein as well, as attached below.

For the most part, these lists should give you all the information you'd need to know about foods high in protein.

In Closing

So, are there any other foods high in protein that we might have missed out on? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Also, feel free to read on the benefits of protein if you want to know more…

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